Friday – 20.08.2010

WOAH, injection site is looking nasty! It looks like a zombie bite.

Injection site

I got another early call this morning from SCGH. I needed to go in for another ultrasound for further investigation. I had another new doctor again, this time female. The MRI came up with something suspicious on the right hand side. eek.

After having a decent look, she was confident that it looked fine. Phew. Whilst I was in there, she had a look at the left side too as the MRI also came up with some abnormal areas in the axillary nodes (armpit). I don’t really understand what to look for when I can see the ultrasound screen because it all looks the same to me. This doctor was also very nice and seemed quite experienced so I felt comfortable. I was due to get all of my recent test results next week for a closer diagnosis of what was going on which is nerve racking as I’d be waiting over the weekend. This lovely doctor got me in to see Dr Yeo within 30 mins as all the results were in and I shouldn’t really have to wait that long.

Soon enough I was seated with Adam and mum and we got to see the MRI images. Basically I had a 2cm invasive cancerous lump in the upper left of my left breast (near armpit), then just below it, about another 2-3cm of calcification then a clear spot and then again, another lot of calcification near my nipple.

* Microcalcifications are specks of calcium that may be found in an area of rapidly dividing cells. The residue left by these can appear as microcalcifications. When many are seen in a cluster, they may indicate a small cancer. About half the cancers detected appear as these clusters.

I could have the calcs biopsied, but the way the doctor explained it, I was safer to go with a mastectomy (full removal of breast) and could consider a bilateral mastectomy (removal of both breasts) so that I wouldn’t have to worry about the other side being effected in the future and going through all of this again.

An immediate reconstruction is most probably an option although complication is that although the biopsy for the left lymph nodes in the armpit came back negative, it is not always 100% and can be a false negative. They would need to remove any inflammed lymph nodes during surgery (sentinal nodes) and test them. This means results would not come back till after surgery and if positive I would need radiotheraphy which can alter the appearance of the reconstruction, especially if they used implants. So I think my decision so far is a bilateral mastectomy.

He mentioned that the whole breast ward have meetings every friday and discuss patients/cases/problems. Apparently next friday is focusing on me. I feel good about that, it shows they care and I am in the best of hands.

Friday – 20.08.2010

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