Monday – 16.08.2010

Today was hectic.

8:45am – Phone call from my GP. ‘ We need you to come in… Today.’

Not exactly the best thing you want to hear after the past two weeks of randomly finding a small odd lump in your breast (thank you Adam) following an ultra sound where both the nurse and doctor had no idea what ‘it’ was and needing to come back in for two core biopsies a few days later.

Anyway, after realising this was serious, I knew I had to call in sick to work and go in. You know it isn’t a positive outcome when the last thing the nurse says on the phone is ‘make sure you bring someone your close to in with you’.

Awaiting a 1:30pm appointment never felt longer. At 11am I received a phone call from a blocked number. ‘Hi, this is Jenny from the Breast Center at the hospital, is 2pm tomorrow okay for you? The referral we just had faxed from your GP states this is urgent…’ Thanks Jenny!

So Adam came to my appointment with me. As soon as my doctor – My GP called me into the room, I knew this wasn’t good. Her face was long and blank. My greeting smile lasted approximately 3-5 seconds. As we took a seat, I was soon told I had breast cancer. It wasn’t really a shock as I had pretty much prepared myself for bad news. Adam was extremely supportive, so much that I barely even cried. Just nodded and asked a couple of questions. Chemotherapy was pretty much certain because of my young age. She was so distraught and I felt sorry for the fact she had to be the one to break the news to me. From this moment I had a really strong and positive frame of mind, thinking ‘I can do this, I’m going to be fine.’ The worst of it was seeing Adam cry and be scared and questioning why?…

Un-F’ING-believable. You would think 19 years of Type one Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, carpel tunnel, trigger thumb, scratched cornea and other unfortunate recent health issues would be enough to deal with. May I add, absolutely no family history of any cancer! But maybe these things only effects the strongest?

After seeing my mum, dad and Jess (my younger sister) and having to tell them I felt really drained and spaced out knowing I had to go through the process of telling many more people and dealing with different reactions ontop of my own.

Adam and I lay down on our bed just chatting and staying positive and he stumbled into asking me to be his wife and emotionally explaining how much he loved me and how he will be there for me. WOW. I actually didn’t take him seriously or believe him for a good 5 minutes, until he asked – ‘WELL?!.. What do you say?!?!’ – OFCOURSE! YES! He had planned the perfect ring from researching and visiting T&Co on his last trip to Melbourne and even downloading a T&Co iphone app. What a sweatheart. We decided to go straight into the city and see what they had. Ironically they had one platinum 0.74 carat diamond princess cut ring. Exactly what he had planned. We were taken into an exclusive little room for a celebration champagne. Awesome. Our sales girl boxed and wrapped the ring and we went home. Adam got down on one knee and slid the ring on my finger. I was speechless and so happy. I felt like the good news almost outweighed the bad news which is what Adam wanted. Something positive for me to go into this rough road ahead of me with and for me to know he is going to be there for me through this tough journey.

I am extremely lucky to have such a special, beautiful and amazing person in my life and I feel comfortable and confident to face whatever I have to confront in the near future…

Monday – 16.08.2010

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