Thursday – 19.08.2010

This morning I received a phone call at 8am from a Radiologist guy informing me that they had got me an urgent appointment for an MRI.

Mammograms are apparently not particularly affective for young girls as the breast tissue is very dense, so this was an important scan.

I spent the day with mum and Jess as I usually do on a Thursday being my day off work. Thursday is our spray tan day. Probably one of my most exciting days of the week! I love being caramel brown.

Anyway, 6pm came fast and we had the whole crew at SCGH. Mum, dad, Adam and Jess. So nice and supportive!

The MRI started with a saline injection into my left arm which was painless. Then a cannula was inserted for contrast fluid to be injected during the MRI. The machine and actually the whole room was insane. It looked like some crazy spaceship with a huge window where the radiologists monitor the MRI from.

The nurse put ear plugs into my ears and then some noise cancelling headphones over my head with music playing. Amy Winehouse was on. Really relaxing guys, thanks.

I was informed through the headphones all information (by the people behind the window). The MRI went for an hour and I had to stay completely still. I did well actually, I was practicing my meditation skills from Tuesday night. Very relaxing even though the deafening scan noises were taking place. From time to time I was imitating the strange noises it made in my head and making up words to go with it. – Sounds kinda weird but I was having a fun time.

I was alerted when the contrast fluid was going to be injected and that I would feel a cold sensation in my arm and probably taste metal in my mouth. Well, she was right.

Thursday – 19.08.2010

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