Wednesday – 18.08.2010

Back to the breast center at 1pm today.

Starting with my first mammogram.

You know, the machine that squishes your boobs, yeah, the one that you normally experience for the first time when you are 40! It was a weird sensation, images taken by a big machine that turns your breasts from 3D to 2D. Yeah, not fun. But I was hell tough!

Next up involved further ultrasounds on the left breast/axillary area (effected side) by another doctor. He was a really nice man and talked me through everything, answered all of my questions and was just really great.

He had to go ahead with a FNA biopsy and 3 core biopsies. (I really hate those things!) I was given a shot of anesthetic, yet it was not enough. This was the most uncomfortable feeling, especially because I could see where he had the needle inside my armpit as I was facing the ultrasound screen. The rapid prodding and poking motion along with the sharp, awkward pain was horrible. I unexpectedly yelped and was given another shot of anesthetic. Thank god, I was finally completely numb. After 30 mins or so of tissue removal, I was soon bandaged up and out the door.

I must say, I really like the gowns I have had to wear. They look really oriental and cute.

Wednesday – 18.08.2010

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