Friday – 27.08.2010

Today I had to be at SJOG at 7:30am.

I had another cannula inserted, saline injection and some kind of contrast fluid. This time in my right arm because my big black zombie bruise still hasn’t gone away on the left side.

The fluid needed 3 hours to setting within my body for the bone scan, so I was taken through for my CT scan whilst waiting. I had to drink 1200ml of this foul yellow/green liquid. I went in within another hour and had some more injections and informed of the side effects. ‘You may experience a warm sensation in your mouth and bladder. It may feel like you have wet yourself, but don’t worry, this is normal.’ Within about 30 seconds I had both of these side effects. I actually thought I had wet myself.

The bone scan was next and took an hour and a half the room was really cold and I had to yet again keep completely still. Everything came back fine except a large muscle tear on my inner left thigh. I did have a injury at the gym last week but I didn’t think it was a muscle tear. Only bad news was 2 days rest from the gym and lots of stretching was in order. I also got to see the images of my body in skeleton form, it was pretty cool.

Friday – 27.08.2010

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