Monday – 23.08.2010

Mum decided over the weekend that it would be a good idea to get a second opinion, well, more like another overview of the diagnosis so we would feel like we had done out research and explored the best surgeons, doctors and hospitals possible.Being a type 1 diabetic its really important I am in the best of care and looked after with the best of equipment and technology.

I agreed with mum as I know SCGH is an old public hospital which I go to regularly for all my clinic appointments so my GP had automatically referred me there. Mum contacted an old family friend of ours, who she runs the medical center I go to and used to be the federal president of the AMA. She was devostated by the news and was willing to provide the best research and contacts for what I needed. This was great, and I know I would definately feel a bit more comfortable being at a private hospital with more concentrated care.

Mum and I had a long phone converstaion to radiologist. Fiona (mum’s bf’s sister…) recommended to have a chat to him. He just talked in general about a lot of things we already kinda knew but any further help is reassuring.

Rosa dropped by later with a pretty heart shaped healing stone. I love these kinda things. It is a nice gesture and something I will keep close to me, I think I will put it next to the meditation candle at home.

I had a good chat to Kylie tonight about a few things. We discussed Holly, Krystal and her journey of cancer, tarot card reading and lots of spiritual stuff. I can’t wait to see her when shes in Perth in a few weeks time on tour.

There are still so many family and friends that don’t know either my good/bad news yet. I am dying to tell everyone about the engagement but then it also needs to come hand in hand with the bad news. So I am just taking it slow and telling people as I see them or run into them.

It has been difficult putting on a brave face from time to time whether it is being around people I do or don’t even know. It feels like I am carrying a huge dark secret around with a false smile. I am an open person and like to express how I feel, so you can imagine how hard this is for me, almost like I am telling a big fat lie. For the people that do know, I have been given so much love and support and it is overwhelming to realise how much people really care about you and how much they are willing to sacrifice for you. I am so lucky to have beautiful family and friends.

Monday – 23.08.2010

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