Monday – 30.08.2010

Back to the breast surgeon today for results and final diagnosis.

So the outcome is..

Full left mastectomy as the first group of calcs were positive for cancer. Meaning all up I had about 5cm of cancer. That isn’t good for someone with small breasts.

The second area of calcs near the left nipple came back negative but could develop into cancer later if not removed.

Corinne will be also removing all of my lymph nodes and fat in my left armpit rather than doing the sentinal node process.

I will be settling for a delayed breast reconstruction when chemo is completed due to too much stress on my body. The less complications the better I think.

I am fine with this as I want to be able to have the best boobies possible and be able to eliminate the chances of developing lymphodema.

It will take approximately 3-4 weeks for the op wounds to heal and in the meantime I will be booked in to an Oncologist – in regards to chemotherapy/radiotheraphy and also talking to someone about fertilization options.

I am still feeling happy and confident about things which is good. I trust her with all my heart and know she will do a brilliant job. She has that perfectionist feel about her and told me she will make sure that the skin will be trimmed as neat as possible in preparation for neat scarring. This is my kind of lady!

I was offered a spot to have the surgery done tomorrow afternoon.. but.. I decided against that and am hoping for the op to be sometime early next week.

Monday – 30.08.2010

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