Sunday – 22.08.2010

Today I was planning on writing a summary for the week.

I experienced a lot of strange looks from other patients at SCGH in the breast center. I think because of my age. Everyone else that I saw on the days I came in were in their 50’s – 70’s maybe even later.

I noticed this week that little Brooklyn (my 10 month old pug) had definately picked up on some negative vibes in the house. For the first time, shes been really picky with food and been put off eating. Sometimes her breakfast is still there at 4pm.

I have also had some problems with eating. My appetite has completely gone and all I will consume is mineral water. I dropped 3 kgs this week which I didn’t think was even possible, hopefully its been a combination of that and the strenuous gym workouts I have been doing with Jess since Darnell was over from the US. Im not giving up on that. I have become really focused on my exercise and love going to the gym like I used to.

Adam and I started meditation classes on Tuesday nights with Mardi in North Perth. – Thanks to John! She is such a lovely lady and I really feel like we have a good, strong connection with her. We did quite well for our first session and let out some bad vibes. We stayed back after the class finished for about 40 mins and had a chat to her about everything. I will be doing some one on one healing sessions with her soon so I am excited about that. Anything thats going to possibly help is something I am interested in. She gave us a CD of hers to practice meditation at home every night which we have done well with.

Our moods have been a little bit odd. I guess that is expected. I suppose we are still adjusting. I have continued with being extremely positive and strong and I know I can keep this up.

Sunday – 22.08.2010

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