Tuesday – 24.08.2010

Today didn’t involve much really. I tried to cancel my diabetes education appointment at SCGH in exchange to see my actual diabetes specialist, otherwise my next visit with him isn’t until mid October. Obviously they need to know whats going on and I need to know how chemo is going to effect type 1 diabetes in regards to my blood sugar levels and wound infections which are at a much greater risk than they are for a non-diabetic. Anyway the current receptionist isn’t very nice there and she gave me a hard time. So mum arranged to see him privately for next week.

Mum has been fantastic and I don’t know what I would do without her. She spoke to our family friend doctor again and booked an appointment with a breast surgeon at SGOJ (St John of God Hospital). I will see how that appointment goes and then decide on what to do.

Meditation was good tonight. I think Adam released some bad vibes tonight. I just focused on breathing techniques and felt refreshed afterwards. Mardi lent me a couple of books to read.

– You Can Heal Your Life – by Louise Hay

-The Journey – by Brandon Bays

I am not a book reading kind of person so I should get onto these as soon as possible or they will never get read!

Tuesday – 24.08.2010

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