Tuesday – 31.08.2010

I had my diabetes specialist appointment with my Endocrinologist today.

He had been informed with the news by my GP not long before I came in. He was devostated. Not to say no one else has been in shock or upset, but it is particularly bizarre for me to see a grown man with real tears in his eyes. I guess all my life I have seen my mum, my sister and my girl best friends cry.. Never really someone of such high authority such as a Doctor.

It will be essential for me to maintain stable blood sugar levels by giving myself the perfect amount of insulin per meals – which I do everyday of my life anyway and is extremely hard to get right all the time and just in general keeping active and monitoring my BSL’s regularly through the day.

This is all everyday life for me as it is but obviously to be a bit harder on myself with it all to stay on top of things..

I will be put on an insulin/glucose infusion to keep my BSL’s stable throughout the operation and be given authority to tell the doctors/nurses what dose I need to be on and be able to be the boss of myself without nurses butting in and telling me I have no choice. YES!!!

Not much else happened today. It rained a lot and I stayed inside and read a bit of one of the books Mardi leant me. Oh, and I also got my new car today. How could I forget. Its a black SUV and I am in love with it. Mum and I took a quick cruise down to Innaloo shops in hope to find an awesome firebird adidas tracksuit for me to wear in hospital as I don’t think I’d feel comfortable wearing my Peter Alexander onesie with a butt flap in public. No luck but I will try over the weekend some time.

Meditation was the usual, I got a bit fidgety towards the end. Although I think I was just hungry. Mardi did some one on one healing with me afterwards because she leaves for Melbourne this week and wanted to send some good healing power to me for until she returns. Unfortunately we got interrupted by some druggie girl that raced into the meditation center for help. So we called the police. Strange timing.

Tuesday – 31.08.2010

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