Wednesday – 25.08.2010

11am I met the lady who will be removing my breast. She was fantastic. There was also a breast nurse in the room too, who was also great. Her office is situation in the Bendat Cancer Center on the Subiaco side of SJOG. Such a good location as I can walk here from my house. The building is pretty cool. It pretty much all glass on the outside so it looks kinda futuristic. Not as cool inside the building though, standard hospital colour scheme and feel.

I was examined again, and had all the SCGH scans, tests and imaging sent to her to have a look at so she could add her own comments and suggestions.

Basically I was talked into having the two areas of calcification and the axillary nodes biopsied (this will be the second biopsy for the axillary nodes). SCGH did say I could have biopsies on the areas of calcification yet they didn’t give me much hope and made me feel like it was almost not worth it and a mastectomy was the best idea. She also made me decide against having the bilateral mastectomy and to take things step by step, whether its to have a few operations rather than one big one just to make sure I am dealing with things slowly. We also discussed the reconstruction could have big complications due to being diabetic and having permanent shoulder restriction which I don’t want due to being a gym junkie.

After a great session with these ladies I was completely sure I wanted to make the switch of surgeons and hospitals. The staff to patient ratio at SJOG is 1:6. I know from many experiences that SCGH is definately not this efficient.

I was to have a full body CT scan, Bone scan and blood tests sometime this week to make sure that there was no other areas of suspicion and then that was to be it for testing. I was told I would definately loose all of my hair after about 2-3 chemo treatments which occur after surgery. I was prepared for that and Adam and I have been giggling and talking about wearing some crazy hats and scarfs maybe even some wigs!

I had my blood tests and was brought through to SKG for the biopsies soon after. It started with several awkward mammograms then 5 biopsies in each area of calcs. meaning 10 tissue samples all up whilst I was trapped in the mammogram machine and having to sit up without moving a muscle which took just over 2 hours.

Adam was waiting patiently outside the room and I was excited to see him. He was so good waiting for so long and had ran his iphone dead from playing so many games.

I hope my doctors and nurses are this happy.

Wednesday – 25.08.2010

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