Friday – 03.09.2010

This morning I had the admission nurse call me to confirm everything for the op on Tuesday.

Name, DOB, Address all confirmed. ‘And what surgery will we be performing on you Rachel?’ I continued with “Left mastectomy and left axillary clearance’ Nurse was startled ‘Oh. Are you sure… We have the right side on your form here.’ I actually looked down and got my left finger and thumb out to do the ‘L’ to make sure I had the right side, and yes, they had screwed up. Holy shit. Lucky they check beforehand! I would of woken up with the right side operated on instead of the left. You can imagine I felt pretty shook up after this.

I had to be in Duncraig by 11am today for meditation with Mardi. It is usually Tuesday nights in North Perth but beacause she is going away for two weeks I made my way up to squeeze in one more session before my op.

Mum came with me this time. It was situated out the back of this lady’s house in a back room kind of thing. Set up really nice with lots of windows and heaps of sun shining in. It had a nice aurora to it. The meditation was the same style as normal, it just went for waaay longer than what I was used to. It was fidgiting heaps towards the end and opened my eyes 2 or 3 times during it. I looked at Mardi when I sneakily opened my eyes and she looked like she was in this crazy trance and her hands were positioned as if she was holding a really heavy ball. I got a bit of a shock and didn’t open them again.

She explained to me after the session had finished that she had pictured me as a pink teletubby which then turned to green and blue. Apparently these are healing colours. She said that I was surrounded by the words ‘All is well’ and ‘New beginnings’. I am happy with that.

We then did a 1 hour one on one healing session which was insane. I went into this trance on a bed and when I was awakened I felt really warm and fuzzy and it took me a good 10 minutes to snap back into my reality.

I was told I am very strong and a fighter and everything was going to be fine. As I hugged her and went to leave, she noticed my cherry blossom tattoo behind my ear and asked what kind of flower it was. She looked shocked as she told me that when she had pictured me in the teletubby vision I had pretty pink cherry blossoms raining furiously over my head. Pretty.

Friday – 03.09.2010

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