Spring Time.

Today is Monday and the weather is really pretty.

It is also probably the first Monday I wish was endless as tomorrow is the big day.

This morning I had some love sent from NYC. I received a phone call from my cousins and aunty.

Its great to be hearing from people I don’t hear from regularly, yet also a shame that it has to be on bad terms, well, not entirely I suppose, as they had also called to congratulate Adam and I on the engagement!

Mum and Jess are on their way over now to come shopping with me to get my last bits and pieces before I go into hospital. I have a bunch of prescriptions to get too. My bank account is getting weaker and weaker. Its a bit sad to see this happening as I had fallen into a fantastic design job where I was paid well and enjoyed a couple of months ago, which I have had to pull away from for a while.

The last couple of nights we have allowed Brooklyn to sleep on the bed with us, just to make sure she knows we love her as we have been slightly neglecting her lately with being in and out of the house so much and not been walking her as much.

Spoke again with my Endocrinologist regarding my diabetes. The intravenous insulin infusion will no longer be taking place during the surgery thank god. I’m 99% sure I would of had a hypoglycemic episode if they did continue with it, although it may be an option during recovery if I am nauseous or unable to eat.

Also had a call from the anesthetist. Everything seems like it will be running smoothly, so long as this bizarre fever I have come down with today has cleared up.

Mum bought me a cute little toiletries bag for hospital and a Bettina Liano top today. Probably the best mum ever. xo

Spring Time.

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