Surgery success!

Tuesday 7th September, 2010

St. John of God Hospital, Subiaco

This is Rachel’s mum today as she is unable to update her blog.

Today was the day of her operation. I am sitting across from her with Jessica in her room to keep her company.

Tonight I will sleep over with Rachel to ensure that she is comfortable and safe throughout the night.

Admission was at 6.30am this morning. The operation was completed and she was wheeled back into the ward at approximately midday. Soon after Rachel received three beautiful bouquets from close friends and Adam’s dad. I bought Rachel a golliwog….yes, of all things, but this is what she wanted, his name is Jamal!!

Medically Rachel is coping extremely well, apart from the discomfort of surgery wounds and the drains which are attached to her. She had a bad reaction to Tramadol which is a pain killer they infused through her drip straight after the op. Feeling feverish, extremely dizzy, her eyes were rolling back into her head and of course that terrible feeling of nausea. The doctor was onto it immediately and he changed her future meds to avoid this reaction.

The whole day was spent with Rachel’s dad, mum, Jess and of course her beloved Adam who was being incredibly soothing, adoring and attentive to all of Rachel’s needs. She slowly became more talkative and even became a little entertaining in her recovery.

“NARLA”….. she uttered. “I’m riding her”…. Everyone giggled, what is she talking about? Jess recalled it was Narla from the Lion King, a favourite movie from their childhood. There were a few more funny utterings which clearly indicated that Rach was on the mend. Within a few hours Rach was fully coherent, yet still a little feeble until teatime.

She will be very tired tomorrow as she was woken up every hour for her to do a diabetic blood test, blood pressure and take more meds. I was emotionally and physically exhausted and slept through most of them.

Surgery success!

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