Thursday – 09.09.10

Yuck. I despised a lot of things about my day today.

Around 8:30 last night whilst taking a stroll with dad around the wards with my two drain bottles and drip machine, I got a horrible headache. I’d say it was more of a migraine. I felt realllllly ill and had to get back to the room quickly.

I was given some good meds and taken off my drip and drifted off to sleep. Woke up multiple times to needing more meds.

When I woke up for Thursday morning, I was in a lot of pain still. The headache had spread further and was stronger. I had to have all lights off, no TV, curtains shut and ignore my phone because any light to my eyes was excruciating pain.

A doctor came in and assessed me and was thinking of doing a CT scan on my brain. I kinda freaked and said maybe its the Endone, because in general I am pretty sensitive to any drugs. So we put the drip back in for fluids and flushing out my system quicker and laid off the Endone for the day, by about 6pm the horrendous head pains had gone. Phew.

I have to have these Heprin injections twice a day. They are for thinning my blood and are so nasty. The fluid stings and your first reaction is to rub the spot once the needle is taken out, but the nurses insist you don’t because it makes you bruise badly.

Luckily I am allowed to do all these injections myself because I obviously know how to do them from having to do insulin injections daily. I think its nice of them to let me take control rather than boss me around.

If only I could convince the pathology nurses that take blood every morning that I could do those too….. I wish!

Had some more lovely visitors later today too and some more wonderful gifts. I am running out of room where to store them!

I did get very tired whilst I had people in today and it really wore me out. I think I need to limit the amount of people I see and try focus more on my recovery. Its all a bit too much and I guess two days our of surgery is pretty early to be up chatting and hanging out.

Dinner sucked tonight so I didn’t eat. Dad came in late-ish which was actually good, we just watched some TV together and then he bailed.

Adam came in at about 11:30 to say good night and put me to sleep. I didn’t want him to stay over, I really wanted him to get a really good sleep and be able to get up and go ahead with his busiest day of the week – FRIDAY – and get stuff done and be as stress free as posible. We had some special quality time and he left his beanie for me to snuggle. Hes been so great and I miss being at home with him so much. I miss all the little things, like going to bed together, eating breakfast together, going to the gym (oh my god I am dying to go back!)

Thursday – 09.09.10

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