Wednesday – 08.09.10

Mum and Jess showered me in a chair today. I just sat there whilst they washed my hair and cleaned me with soap. It was nice to be pampered a bit and not have to try do it myself and fall over or something.

I continued with taking Endone and Panadol infusions most of the day and still feeling some effects from anaesthetic.

I had mum, dad, Jess and Adam in most of the day which was nice but I wasn’t very responsive. Just a lump laying in the bed moaning every now and then. Also saw Adam’s dad, Danny and Emma. It was nice to see a couple of familiar faces.

The flowers, cards and gifts are literally pourrrrring in the door. It is amazing and my room looks so bright and beautiful with all these happy colours and sweet smells.

Adam came back later this evening and stayed over. I felt kinda bad that he had to sleep on such a crappy fold out bed as mum had the night before, but also glad that I had some loving company.

Pretty annoyed at the fact that the hospital doesn’t serve proper ‘Diabetic’ meals. Everything on the menu to order has heaps of sugar in it and stuff I would never normally even eat at home. How am I supposed to keep my blood sugar levels under control if that is the kind of food they are serving me!? It is a bit frustrating when the doctors come in complaining I don’t eat enough yet I can’t eat anything they offer. BLAH.

Brooklyn stayed at mums house tonight so that Adam was able to stay with me and not worry about her at home by herself. Apparently she misbehaved a lot and scratched at the laundry door all night. My poor baby is missing me and knows something is up. I miss her.

Here is a picture of Adam pretending to be a doctor. Hes been so great at cheering me up!

Wednesday – 08.09.10

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