Friday – 09.09.10

Well Friday came a bit sooner than I had expected.

I think I am able to go home on Monday. 2 days to go.

I woke up with a headache again today, I was pretty off it. I skulled about 6 glasses of water and it seemed to clear up after a couple of hours. Had a couple of cousins visit with more flowers and some goss magazines, I was pretty excited actually. I feel like I am lost with reality being in here. I have no idea what the weather is and I feel like I have forgotten what roads and shops look like.

Adam had lunch with me, he had squeezed in some Rachi time. I was sitting in bed, legs out flat and literally wiggling my legs with excitement and a huge grin when he walked in. He brought my laptop in with my hard drive filled up with several TV series and movies, YES!!! We watched a bit of Parks and Recreation. So good…

I had to get one of my drain tubes removed. I have been dreading this moment even before I had my op. My nurse knew I was super nervous and I felt bad that she had to take it out for me. She cut the stitches off first which felt a bit squeamish when she pulled them out and then she started pulling the tube out. HOLY F****** S***. I have NEVER been in so much pain in my life. I am pretty good with pain too.. but this was unbelievable. I was kicking, crying and screaming on the bed like a 2 year old having a tantrum. Fellow patients in rooms near by must of been wondering what the hell was going on in my room. Adam sat calmly next to me holding my hand and talking me through it. Mind you, the tube that came out was about 20cm long and around 1cm in diameter. Too bad I still have one more to come out.. I spent the next 20 or so minutes in shock with the shakes and still whimpering. I guess it has been a really stressful week, and so much has happened even in the last month and I’ve not really had a proper cry. I think this got some out of me.

Had four more lovely visitors that afternoon. I think I should really have rested for the afternoon though, its just too soon after surgery. I was so exhausted and stressed out from the drain removal that I just wasn’t feeling right. That night I was an actual mess. I was up all night really sick and in need of anti-nausea injections through weird hours of the night.

Friday – 09.09.10

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