Saturday – 11.09.10

Weekends are weird here. I think I am the only patient in the ward except for the cute little Japanese couple next door to me – They had a little girl. I wish I could see her but she is always bundled up in pink blankets.

Today was boring, I am slowly getting better and just been trying to focus on my physio exercises. Its really hard to lift my arm to 90 degree angles as it feels realllllly heavy and like my stitches are going to burst.

My second drain is so discusting. In the clear tube there is a huge clot that looks like some kind of embryo in it. I have been knocking it on the side of my bed trying to break it up for a couple of days, but that didn’t work, so I found some surgical tape in my room and tied it around the tube so I don’t have to look at it anymore.

The drain is pretty full but its slowing down. The nurses come in and mark the level it sits at every 24 hrs. Once it hasn’t collected any more fluids for one day they can take it out. I hope its soon. Its so annoying carrying tubes and machines with me everytime I move around the room.

I had my own shower today, it took a long time but it felt good to be doing things on my own again and knowing I am on my way to recovery.

Still having nausea and barely eating. Possibly also because I am so sick of the smell of the food they serve. It makes my stomach churn when I hear the food trolley coming towards my door. Been taking some Ondansetron Wafers for the nausea, they are tiny and sit under your tongue and melt into your mucous glands and taste like strawberry white chocolate.

Went outside for the first time in a few days. Adam took me for a long walk around the hospital and we found a cute little outdoor area to sit in and get some fresh air.

Watched some more Parks and Recreation with Adam. Such a good show. I am so into it. Also watched some of the Wedding Singer tonight before Adam came back again because he was staying over as a border at the hospital again tonight. He also  snuck in an Oreos McFlurry. Amazing!

Saturday – 11.09.10

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