Sunday – 12.09.10

Slept in this morning, we went to bed pretty late from staying up and watching more P&R.

My drain had not collected any more Cyris (?) fluid over night so today was the day for it to come out and go home! Because of my terrible experience with the first drain, I was given some Endone, Paracetamol and Ondansetron Wafers to eliminate any pain or nausea associated with taking the last tube out.

Whilst waiting for these to kick in, a really lovely doctor came to see me. She found out about me through another doctor and just wanted to come in and have a chat to me. She talked to Adam and I for a while about her experience with breast cancer. She had some amazing advice, I suppose because she was both a doctor and had actually been through the same type of breast cancer as me. Milly referred me onto an internationally recognised Oncologist who all doctors go to for whether its themselves with breast cancer, their wife, daughters, family and close friends. She is the best in Australia so I feel confident about that. She gave me some tips about Chemo and what is ahead of me, gave me her number and offered to take me out for coffee at any time.

Next was the tube removal. Stitch removal hurt, but the tube, absolutely painless. Obviously this time it had not been caught up in fresh tissue inside my armpit like the last one.

Before we knew it we were packing everything up and given a big trolley to take all the flowers to the car on. It felt a little sad leaving all the nurses who had been so good to me. I will be back to visit them some time in the near future. or maybe I will send the ward a card.

When Adam loaded everything into the car (I felt so useless..) we left the balloon hanging out of the boot. I found it pretty funny watching it bounce around as we drove home.

It was sooooooo good to see little Brooklyn, she was licking me so much and shaking. And wow… to sleep in my own bed was amazing, it felt like I was wrapped in a million clouds!

Sunday – 12.09.10

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