Home sweet home….<3

Yesterday Jess took me to a store down the road from my house (which I actually go to for purchasing a lot of my make-up artist supplies) because they sell really good wigs. Some are 100% human hair and others are just synthetic. I had a good chat to the lady in there and they are going to set me up with some sweet hair for when I lose my own. I’m thinking of getting something similar to what I have now and also getting a blonde one to remind myself of old Rach! Hey, at least I won’t be damaging my hair.. The lady also put some small fake lashes on for me for free. I kind of forgot that I would be losing eyelashes and eyebrows too. Luckily, my eyebrows are tattooed on underneath the hair I do have there..

Took Brooklyn for a tiny, slow walk last night around 5:45pm. When I say tiny, I mean literally 10 houses up and back. On my way back I started to get really faint and had to pause for a few minutes. I said to her ‘Brook…. take mama home. She doesn’t feel well… take mama home Brook, take mama home…’ she lead me through the laneway all the way home effortlessly and sat at the front door patiently as I let us both in and watched me furiously grab a glass of water and sit on the couch. She jumped up and sat next to me, putting one paw on my thigh and just sat still. I swear… Dogs are so much smarter than I ever thought possible. I was shaking my head smiling and thanking her.

As of yesterday I have been had a nurse from the hospital come to my house each day and change my dressings and check my wounds out.

I had a surprise visit from my aunty who has just returned from staying with family in NYC. She bought me some really beautiful gifts. She made me envious of being in the states and I felt more and more eager to get back to NYC asap when I am all better.

Home sweet home….<3

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