Slowly, slowly….

Wednesday today, yet it feels like just one of those nameless days in the week that is in the middle somewhere and seems like the weekend is forever away…

My health choice nurse came today, actually two came today in one visit. My dressings are really clean which is good and this is the last home visit I will be needing. I was kinda sad to hear that to be honest! The nurses are so lovely and comforting.

My first drain wound is looking a little bit on the sad side, so I will be starting a course of antibiotics as of tomorrow to try clear it up a little. Apart from that, not bad at all.

I have some strange sensations occuring in my left arm, shoulder, back and chest. Its all numb, and the nerves under my armpit have all been snipped so I am experiencing painful shooting electric shocks every few seconds. This is normal, but still its makes me jump everytime I get it. The doctor says that it fools your brain into thinking that the missing body part is still there and it tries to grab the nearest nerves to the area to produce some kind of sensation (or something like that?).

I will remain numb for life under my armpit and on my chest wall, but the numb areas around my back shoulder and arm should slightly return.

I have been trying to do some normal activities in my day today, like cleaning, washing and blowdrying my hair. Its still taking time to do it normally but ofcourse I don’t want to be rushing into anything which I was told to avoid anyway for a few weeks. I will remain unable to drive for another 2 – 3 weeks also which is frustrating but I’m not really ready to take full concentration yet either. I am still experiencing symptoms of being faint, nauseas and tight/sore.

I received two packages on my door step today which is always exciting! Both from BCNA (Breast Cancer Network Australia). One included a pink bag with a Berlei post op bra, with a couple of fake cotton insert boobs. I had already been given one of these in hospital but hey its better to have more than one!

The other package had a big box filled with a ‘My Journey’ kit. It includes pamphlets (which I already have a million), two good books with good appropriate information and a diary to track all my appointments, test results, specialist contacts details, business card holder section and even an area for adding up and tracking all my medical bills. Such a good idea I think!

I also had my follow up surgery appointment with my breast surgeon today for a quick check up and to received my path results.

* Multifocal cancer

– 18mm grade 3 ductal carcinoma

– high grade DCIS at least 10mm in size, 10mm from the invasive cancer

* Extensive LVI

* Lymph node positive (1/32)


* HER2 POSITIVE (ISH to follow)

Unfortunately, I had one lymph node out of all 32 that were removed from my armpit, tested as positive for cancer. So this means I will need radiotherapy treatment as well as my chemo. Good news being that at least it was only one lymph node affected.

I discussed with her that another doctor had visited me in hospital and recommended a good oncologist, but I have been referred to another lady who is situated next door to my surgeon’s office. We weighed out the options and I had been referred to this particular oncologist purposely, as she is suited to my easy going personality, close to home and part of the Bendat Cancer Centre, she sat in for a meeting regarding my results along with many other doctors, surgeons, nurses and other medical people and is now familiar with my case.

I will be seeing her tomorrow for the first time regarding my treatments ahead of me and also to discuss fertility options and if its worth having eggs fertilised and frozen for the future.

A lot to take in for one afternoon but I am feeling good and happy to be moving on with things sooner rather than later. I really need to get focusing on my physio a bit more now too as I should have more movement in my arm than I do at the moment. Apparently slimmer patients struggle with shoulder and arm troubles more than larger patients. I need to make sure I do not get what they call ‘Cords’ which would make me need further more focused physio.

Blood sugars have been pretty eratic too.. I need to lay off having carbohydrates at night (especially no Japanese like last night…) and eat lots of protein for healthy, prompt recovery!

Slowly, slowly….

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