FML is an understatement!

A very stressful morning for me today. Although the outcome of my SKG appointment for my wound draining was fantastic news.

I woke up this morning feeling with my op wound feeling the BEST it has felt so far. The nerve pain is slowly decreasing in size, yet more acute to a smaller area. This is a good thing, because its giving me more movement and showing progress.

At meditation last night I had a strong vibe that Mardi was sending me lotttts of healing power and I think that my hard work on focusing on positivity all through yesterday also helped. This spiritual stuff is seriously crazy. Its really working and I am all for it. I would rate my pain to be 50% better than it was yesterday which is unbelievable.

Part of this healing and positivity stuff I think had also leaked into this mornings episode at SKG. I was taken through for an ultrasound to see how much fluid was retained within my chest wall over my scar. There were lots and lots of tiny pockets of fluid and I was told I didn’t need the tube and needles to drain anything. I laugh-cried with relief and felt like giving the doctor a biiiiig hug!

I received a call from the receptionist from my referred gynecologist saying I could come in for an urgent appointment later this afternoon. So Adam left work early and we met mum and Jess there.

Unfortunately the drugs that I will be taking for chemotherapy belong to a group called alkylating agents and can cause relatively more damage to the ovaries. As a result, they are associated with an increased risk of infertility. Dr Thompson informed us that it is ‘almost certain’.

Due to time restriction and chemo starting in 4 weeks, I have three options.

1). Is to do nothing, and wait and see how I go.

2). Freeze ovarian tissue – this means taking a couple of slices out through surgery and having them frozen and put back in when ready to have children. Although may have risks of putting cancer back into my body and not always successful anyhow.

3). IVF – freezing fertilized eggs, this only has a 19% chance of being successful but we felt that its better to try do something than nothing at all. It gives us hope and a higher chance.

So the next step from here was to discuss the process. As I said its a long process and I don’t have much time. I will be starting back on the contraceptive pill for 10 or so days to force a cycle within 2-3 weeks. Also to start several injections of estrogen and progesterone (I thiiiink?) and stimulate the ovaries before the eggs are taken from my body and fertilized with Adam’s liquids…

If we find that this is not successful a couple of years down the track, I have my sisters consent to use her eggs to be fertilized by Adam and have a artificial pregnancy.

Then pretty much straight into chemo.

I will be going to another one on one healing session with Mardi on friday and be taking in as much as I can as I feel I am going to be needing it a lot for the next few weeks ahead of me.

I am going to be the strongest lady in the universe after all this. You wait and see…

FML is an understatement!

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