Panadol doesn’t actually work. Nurofen for the win.


I turned  twenty-eight on sunday. The weather was so sunny and pretty.

Adam and I had a really nice relaxing day. We got some post mix sodas and took Brooklyn to Hyde park and did a couple of laps.

Then we went for at least a 1 & 1/2 hour drive just around Mt.Lawley, the city, Cottesloe, Scarborough, then back home. It was so nice to be out of the house yet still just relaxing in the car with the sun roof open, with my lazy dog and favorite boy.

Monday and tuesday for me have been a little up and down. I have had some really horrible nerve pinching pains on my left side. My plasters are peeling off and revealing some crazy looking scars, and my armpit area is filling with wound fluid causing very uncomfortable tightness and pressure.

I will be going into SKG at the hospital tomorrow morning for the fluid to be drained. I am totally not looking forward to it. The sensation of a loose t-shirt on my arm is enough pain let alone a gigantic needle being shoved into the area.

I’ve been a little bit teary too. The ‘why me, its not fair’ questions have been circling my head and getting to me. Every little thing in my life was s precious and its not that I didn’t even realise it, because I did. I loved everything I was doing and enjoyed little things like being at the gym and eating super healthy and looking after my Diabetes. Anyway, none of this matters and this is where I need to retrain my brain into positive thinking.

I had a phone call from Dr W today regarding my Gynecologist/fertility appointment. Hows this… Shes is on long term service leave as of tomorrow. Just like my diabetes specialist and my breast surgeon. Why are all my doctors on holidays when I need them? So. I will be seeing another Gyno urgently instead. I do not have much time to sort out fertility before chemo starts.

Back to the physio next week too. My arm is not up to where it should be in movement. I am trying really hard to do everything right but I can’t help the stress my body has been under.

In good news, I spoke with my boss and his wife today. I am going to continue my design sub-contract work but from home. Which is good. I feel like I need some normality and hey any extra money is always a good thing!

Meditation was also tonight. I was exhausted but still went and I felt good for doing so. Mardi is back from Melbourne and will be doing another one on one healing session with me on friday which I am looking forward to.

I think its bed time now. Or am I just saying that because I want my painkillers…

Nigh nighs. ❤

Panadol doesn’t actually work. Nurofen for the win.

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