Just freezing my children…

Friday morning I started the IVF process. Easy for me really. Its just the injections like my insulin – 150 units of estrogen every morning around 9:40am. Most ladies would have to go in to the Concept Clinic every morning to have them done by a nurse but I thankfully can do them myself.

Adam had to start his antibiotics on Thursday evening. One a day with dinner. I guess this kills off any bugs or anything in the sperm for when he produces a fresh load for the fertilization. I giggle as I type this, so immature for a 28 year old.

The rest of Friday sucked bad. Its really hard to cope with other peoples reactions. Different people get down on different days to others. So I feel like I am butting heads with at least one person everyday.

Jess and Iara came over about 9.30pm and suprised me with Nandos and a lots of humor and fun. It was least expected and I was glad someone came over because I was going to shave my head with Adams clippers because I was in such a FTW mood.

Brooklyn slept with me last night. Adam was out late with Dorcia stuff so its kind of a ritual I have. If I don’t go out on a friday night, she sleeps with me to protect me and keep me company. Such a sweetheart.

Just freezing my children…

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