Diabetes dilemmas.

A nice early start on a monday for me. An 8:45am appointment at hospital for my regular 3 monthly diabetes check up. I see Dr JK here, who I saw a few weeks back before my operation in his private room. First I had a couple of blood tests as usual, weight and height checked. My HbA1c test (glycosylated hemoglobin – a form of hemoglobin used primarily to identify the average plasma glucose concentration over prolonged periods of time. It is formed in a non-enzymatic pathway by hemoglobin’s normal exposure to high plasma levels of glucose.) had extremely good results. As in.. the best they have been in about 5 years! Unbelievable due to the stress and ups and downs my sugars have been through for the past couple of months! I was so happy. Goes to show that hard work on trying to look after myself carefully has definitely paid off.

He discussed my diabetes in depth in regards to possible side effects with chemo. I am a litttttle bit more anxious about chemo after this chat today because my diabetes is going to  be really hard to control. Though, I have faith that I will make it work no matter how unwell I feel. Mum came along with me and brought up a very interesting fact. Whilst jumping on to the internet and researching lots of different things in regards to Breast Cancer, she stumbled along something to do with a link in LANTUS® (Glargine) and Breast Cancer.

* LANTUS® is a type of insulin called basal insulin. It works steadily to help you manage your blood sugar from when you get up in the morning to while you sleep at night.

Here is a quick little insight on the subject…

Jun 29, 2009 – Parker Waichman Alonso LLP Lantus, the blockbuster diabetes drug made by Sanofi-Aventis, may increase the risk of  cancer in some patients.  The possible link, seen in some new European Lantus studies, prompted the European Association for the Study of Diabetes to call for more studies on the drug.

According to Reuters, it has been speculated in the past that some insulin analogues like Lantus could increase cancer risks.  That’s because they bind to  insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) receptors, whereas traditional forms of insulin – known as human insulin – bind to insulin receptors. IGF-1 receptors influence cell proliferation, which could explain a cancer link.

The Lantus cancer risk was seen in three of four retrospective studies involving a total of 301,136 insulin-treated patients in Germany, Sweden and Britain, Reuters said.  According to a Wall Street Journal report, the German study found that patients taking Lantus for an average of 18 months had a 9% higher risk of being diagnosed with cancer.  Those taking a higher dose of Lantus had a 31% higher risk.

It is extremely overwhelming as I am sure everyone knows, that when you search for something through google, you get a million different sites full of lots of information and a lot of it can be over the top or false. After mum mentioned this to Dr Kaye, he nodded and said it was something thats still unknown but a possibility. As you can imagine, I asked for a new prescription for a new basal insulin to start as of tonight. Even after years of injecting Lantas every night and it working really well for me,  I am not going to take any chances. My mum and sister are also type one diabetics and are going to get off Lantas too.

This afternoon I just wanted to lay low, had a nice lunch and chat with my dad. I have an amazing family. My parents are separated as of around 13 years now, yet they can still be around each other, talk, have a meal together, discuss normal things.. No one would ever know they weren’t a couple. For this, I consider myself very lucky!

I became pretty lethargic and dizzy this afternoon and was a bit scared to drive home from mums in peak hour. Either that or I was just experiencing a bit of a panic attack. Apart from that and the fact that I banked a Medicare cheque today and when I got back to my car had a parking fine… I had a pretty good day.

P.s. Pretty proud of my lil sis as she is currently being filmed being a panelist on a TV show called ‘Sweet and Sour’ I did her make-up today and she looked gorgeous. (Not that she doesn’t anyway!)

Diabetes dilemmas.

One thought on “Diabetes dilemmas.

  1. emily says:

    hi rachie
    i hope its okay to comment
    i know i dont know you very well but im sure you are super tuff and want to wish you the best and i think your blogs are all really great 🙂
    i got diagnosed with primary progressive MS last year so im dealing with being young & unwell also

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