Transvaginal ultrasound and blood test at 7:45 this morning. So gross. The warm lube made me feel like I had wet myself.


My lil eggies are doing really well and at 10mm in size with an aim of being 14mm. I have to call the clinic at 2pm for blood test results to see what my next steps are.


Thanks to Scott last night for being our witness and signing our fertility forms!


Last friday I received some mail from a surgeon regarding some kind of surgery. Yes, doctors ALWAYS have scribbly hand writing and I could not make out what the surgery was for. I had no idea who this ‘Vascular’ guy was or what he was supposed to be doing to me, so I didn’t fill any of the consent forms to send back. I studied them over the weekend and still, I couldn’t read any of it. Then finally last night I tried again and made out the word ‘Insertion’ and ‘IV Port’. Oh great, I had forgotten about this. I will  be staying in over night next wednesday for my IV port to be put into my chest. Mentioned a few posts back I think. It makes it easier to have this inserted for chemo because they don’t need to bash my veins all day, instead they attach the IV tubes to the chest port canula thing and go in from there.


Yesterday I received this in the mail. Its a little note from Jan who fitted my wig at the Cancer Council last week. Such a nice lady. I will be going back to visit her even if its not for her wonderful wig service.



I have a physio appointment really soon. One hour of bliss today I reckon, I am in hardly any pain and the gym has definately been helping me. Even though I still cannot lift anything or do any arm weights, I am stretching lots and practising my physio exercises/massaging like crazy. Speaking of which, my scar is still quite purple looking.. but it has almost completely smoothed out. Under my armpit – towards my back where the scar starts I have a big flap of overhanging skin which is going to have to be surgically removed. No biggie. If I can have my whole boob removed I am sure I can have a chunk of skin cut off too. I might post a photo of my scar soon, its pretty gnarly, but you know, I like medical things and find it really interesting.


I will probably update again later. I feel like I have lots of little stories to tell, just no one to share them with!


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