IV Port

After today’s post earlier, I thought I would post some pictures of the IV port. I was just researching it a bit to see what it actually looked like.



Implanted by a surgeon, the port is located either in your arm or your chest, and is connected by a soft, slim catheter tube that goes through your vein all the way to your heart. This catheter protects your vein during treatment. The port is an entry point that your infusion nurse can find each time you come for a treatment, and it can be used for a blood draw, as well as infusion of drugs. Your chemotherapy nurse will use a special type of needle to access your port, and won’t have to hunt for a good vein to use. The needle will be taped into place to prevent it moving around during your infusion. Medicare and health insurance cover all costs.


I also stumbled along these following images. If this guy can be okay, then I will be just fine.





I am pretty sure I will have some sort of chest scar (wow another one) where the port will be removed within time. Though I think it will be better than having my arm veins bashed, bruised and looking black like a junkie. Kinda like this…


IV Port

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