My blood test and ultrasound results yesterday afternoon were interesting. My estrogen levels are a bit low so as of this morning I had to double my injection dose up to 300 units. The levels were at 400 and need to be at 800. I will be going back at 7:30am tomorrow morning for another blood test and ultrasound.


Physio yesterday was actually great, ALMOST pain free, and my largest cord had thinned down heaps. Emma was really amazed in how quickly it has improved. That goes to show all my hard work is paying off. I was told I can now try starting with 1kg dumbells at the gym but to be extra careful. I went to the gym pretty much straight after physio because I was so excited. I also changed it up a bit at the gym tonight and tried 2kg dumbells for certain sets because the 1kg is like lifting air.


Tonight my lower belly is crazy swollen. I am guessing its because I am producing more eggs than normal. A lot more. Its pretty uncomfortable and right now.. noticeable in the gym pants I have on. Yuuuck.


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