Early morning for BT & US. Had a male doctor today. He informed us that unfortunately my eggs/follicles hadn’t really made much change since tuesday. This isn’t a good thing. I am a little bit anxious that I am running out of time and ofcourse, my body is deciding to be difficult. He asked me what Gonal-F dose I was on (estrogen shots) and I answered with ‘I was started on 150 units every morning, and as of yesterday I was told to start 300 units to double my estrogen levels from 400 to 800’. His answer was.. ‘300 units?!?! Thats enough to blow anyones head off!’ The comment kind of went in one ear and out the other, I didn’t think anything of it until he left the room so I could change and he walked back in quickly and said ‘sorry its just me.. I didn’t mean ACTUALLY blow your head off.. it was just my reaction to your dose, I apologise it wasn’t the best of words to use!’ It wasn’t until then that I thought, shit, lucky I am pretty good with that kind of talk or he could of had his own head bitten off by a more conservative patient..

I collected a couple more injections from my coordination nurse and discussed whether the IV port surgery was going to affect the IVF process or even be in the way of the egg harvesting surgery!? There is too little time for such huge steps. She will be letting me know ASAP once she has talked to one of the doctors. Well, I probably could of found out today if I had remembered to call the concept clinic for my blood test results at 2pm.. I was just running around so much today that I completely forgot.


I had an appointment with my GP in regards to this weird chest infection thing I still have going on at night and in the morning. It keeps me up at night and is really irritating. I think its a mixture of a bit of a chest infection and hayfever. Anyway, I had some meds for that now too.


I had a busy day of non stop errands today which I kind of regret. I forget that I need to take things slow and rest. This weekend I plan to go out and do as much as I can because I am considering it my only chance to really go out before 2 more surgery procedures then chemo, which all three of those fall within exactly 2 weeks. Party…..


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