Couldn’t help yet to have a big day on Sunday. It was Pug Day Out, something we had been planning on going to since earlier this year. Its a Pug club kind of thing so we wanted to bring Brooklyn down to meet some other pugs for a bit of socializing fun and lots of exercise for her. Ofcourse this was followed by another early morning of BT’s. If blood were to run out, I swear I’d have none left from all these damn tests! Also went to Jordee’s 2nd birthday for a little bit yesterday afternoon and then out for a couple of drinks and pizza with Adam, Scott, John, Adam C and ofcourse Lynz. Long but really enjoyable day.

After the pug event, I called at 2:15pm for the BT results as usual and was told to come in ASAP as I needed to start my second injection. This one is called Orgalutran. It works by preventing women from ovulating which means releasing the eggs from the ovary – which is obviously what we DONT want. The other injection I have been taking for the past 13 days is the stimulator  to produce bigger eggs and more of them so when they take them out, they can have around 8-10. I had a reation to the Orgalutran where my skin swells up, goes bright red and also extremely itchy. Nurse put an icepack on and it settled in about 20 mins. I slept like a baby last night, went to bed really early for me – 10:30ish thankfully not feeling queazy like most other nights since I have started my injections.

My estrogen levels were at 1400 yesterday and today were at 2100! So I am definitely on my way now. The nurse thinks I will be ready on thursday for the egg collection surgery. IV port surgery is still penciled in for Wednesday for an overnight stay so I am a bit nervous about two surgeries so close together, apparently it should be okay and I will be looked after carefully. I am now just continuing with the two needles daily, the BT’s and U/S’s every morning and waiting for a coordination nurse to tell me to take my trigger injection (yes, another one) and that will prepare me for the collection.

Had a bit of a freak out after coming home from my BT this morning. My injection time is 9:40am for both and the new ones were missing. Completely out of site. So I called the clinic and I had to go back to the dreadful waiting room to collect more. Little did I know that they were in the fridge compartment in my car from yesterday. Adam had them in there safely and I just didn’t realise. They were then left in there over night and my car was at the tint shop in the sun. Luckily I got more because they must be refrigerated at all times!

Going to try get to the gym this afternoon/this evening if my tiredness wears off.. I didn’t go all weekend and want to have a good stretch and light weight session before I go back to physio tomorrow.

Here is a photo from yesterday’s Pug Day Out event. Brooklyn being a little hussy with her new friend. Mind you this other dog is 4 months old, Brooklyn is 1 year old. She really is ridiculously small!



Another photo (taken by lynz) of Jordee having a cuddle with Brooklyn. Or as Jordee calls her… ‘Brickle’ Cuuute!


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