Too Much Information – This is what today involved.

Firstly, I thought I would take a photo this morning of all my medications. Yes, some are ones I take normally and will for the rest of my life, but as I got them all out today it seemed like a pretty good chance to take a photograph.

730 visit to Concept again for a BT. My right arm is starting to bruise from bring stabbed in the same spot everyday yet surprisingly not sore at all. I went back to bed  when I got back home, was pretty exhausted from all these early wake ups, only to be woken up less than an hour later by one of my daily iphone alarms. This one was for my 2 morning injections. I have a minimum of four alarms set on my iphone for everyday. These are…

* 6:30 – Wake Up!

* 9:40am – Gonal-F & Orgalutron

*2:00pm – Call Concept for BT results

*7:00pm – Basal Insulin

I am so sick of my alarm tone going off!

Went out for a little bit with Lynz at 11 before my 1pm physio appointment. My cords are making progress.. every weekt hey get a bit thinner and I have had a couple snap inside my arm (feels like a lacky band snapping) but this isn’t a bad thing. Its normal. Just feels really odd and a bit of a shock. I informed Emma that I won’t come back to physio till I need to. I feel like I am on the mend and want to get through the next week of the two ops and first chemo before I worry about my arm again. She advised me to get a compression bandage for my arm for when I am at the gym which I got from the pharmacy in SJOG hospital across the road. Expensive.. but at least I can claim it back medically.

After physio I had to go down to Dr G’s room – he is my Endovascular/Vascular surgeon for the insertion of the IV port for tomorrow afternoon. I had a call from his receptionist this morning saying they had not received my surgery paperwork that I had completed last week and physically dropped in to pre-admission at SJOG by hand. I was pretty annoyed they had lost my paperwork. Who does that? I can understand if I had mailed it back in, maybe for it to not be received but to avoid this I had decided to bring it in… Poor form guys. Anyway I had to go in and re-fill all the forms out and got to meet him which was actually nice. He is really cool and calm which I like.

Ofcourse, whilst I was talking to him, my iphone alarm went off for the third time (I need to stop pressing snooze!) and it was time to call Concept for my daily BT results.

Jan – ‘Good afternoon Concept this is Jan’

Me – Hi Jan, its Rachel C here, just after blood test results for today..

Jan – ‘Miss Rachel! Hello, good news for you, you are ready for theatre!’

Thank god! I am finally ready for collection, I thought this day would neeeever come!

So egg collection will be Thursday morning at 7am. Tomorrow involves stopping my injections, starting antibiotics morning and night, and giving one 8am trigger injection to prepare me for surgery. Its pretty confusing because I am staying over night at SJOG tomorrow night after the IV port is installed and I have to fast from midnight to be prepared for thursday. I’ve just realised whilst writing this, I will need to leave SJOG at like.. 630am to get to Concept Fertility Hospital on time?! shit I don’t think this is good.. (note to self – call Concept after finishing this blog update!??!?!).

So Lynz was back at home keeping occupied whilst I was at the hospital because we had planned to go to the gym together once I returned. I wore my compression bandage as suggested by Emma for the first time, it actually felt quite good and barely noticeable because it is skin coloured yet it is like a full sleeve from shoulder to wrist. So up close its not exactly attractive!

Now, I am back home. Tired. Jittery and anxious. All I can think about is the next week ahead of me and when I should shave my head. I think I will have it cut again early next week then once it started to fall out I will shave it off. I am pretty interested to see the balding pattern that is going to occur. But thats just me, always interested and intrigued with medical things and want to be able to observe every little thing that goes on in this outrageous journey.


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