Rush hour.

I have 45 minutes to eat/drink. Fasting time starts at 11am.

Last night – well, I guess you would say this morning.. I woke up from a nightmare at 4:52am in a big night sweat, shaking and feeling nauseas. I checked my blood sugar level and was 3.0 – I was having a diabetic hypo. This happens a lot and usually has these symptoms if it occurs during sleep. A nightmare is always present. I treated the hypoglycemic with some lollies and then could not sleep for about 40 minutes. The sugary taste in my mouth never helps either. Its disgusting and brushing my teeth doesn’t get rid of it. It lingers around on my tongue through the next day. It is currently still in my mouth.

So after yesterday’s post, I called up to explain the collision of operation times to the receptionist. Ofcourse, they had closed and the only emergency contact they gave out on their answering machine was 000.

I called them at 9am on the dot this morning – on two different phone numbers provided to me.. not once, but 16 times only to get an engaged tone every time.. I would of been content getting through to at least an answering machine but obviously, with an engaged tone, they don’t even know I have tried to call.

I then called admissions at SJOG hospital to see if they could help me out and talk to someone urgently, and this is how the phone call went..

Receptionist – ‘St John of God this is Jan speaking.’ – in the most blunt and monotone frustrated voice’

Me – Hi Jan, I’m not sure whether you are able to help me or not, but I have been trying to urgently get through to Dr G’s rooms for the past 40 minutes and only getting an engaged tone is there anyone I can talk to regarding my surgery this afternoon?

Jan – ‘Well you will have to keep calling until you get through I suppose’ – yet another grumpy monotone voice

Me – Right, so is that the only advice you can give me? Its not exactly helpful.

Jan – ‘There isn’t much I can do expect try put you through from the switchboard’

Me – ‘If you cou…………………….ld please – She cut me off and there was a ringing tone.

The receptionist I needed to talk to, then picked up. WHAT?! Thats all she had to do, and she made a fuss over it.

Now I am slowly packing a stay over bag and feeling sick from a big breakfast which I made to try keep me going through the day and night seeing as I have to fast from 11am till about 10pm then again from midnight till tomorrow.

I really don’t like today already.

Rush hour.

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