Today is day 4 of cycle 1.

I have had some mild to moderate side effects so far. Mainly extreme exhaustion. My moods have also been a little bit erratic. I had a bit of a cry this morning, a real sob. Adam came down stairs to my couch ‘spot’ I have been spending most of my time, at perfect timing for a big warm happy cuddle. Brooklyn was also laying with me at the time. She has also been attached to the exact same couch spot as me. She lays curled up against me as if I am spooning her.

Today was the first day I was to stop my anti-nausea tablets unless needed. So far so good, just some odd body aches, headaches and other pains that make life uncomfortable. I am still struggling with walking up and down stairs, which is unfortunate because ‘my toilet’ is upstairs. It is labelled mine because it has only my germs, and I wash it down with bleach every couple of uses to make sure I don’t get any nasty bugs.

Ad took me down to Subiaco shortly for a couple of pieces of sushi and a boost juice. My favourite of all things is boost juice. I have lost my appetite so liquids have become an even closer friend of mine.

At the moment I am at mums place with Jess. They decided it was a good idea to take me here for a different scenery and feel like I was kind of out of the house. So far so good. The weather has been so amazing so this definitely helped me get out of the house!

I am hoping to get into a bit of slow exercise tomorrow if I am feeling similar to how I am right now. Achey, yet I could go for a light walk on the treadmill. Maybe the circulation will help me.

Here is a picture I just took off mums macbook. You can see the red marks from where the IV port has been inserted. They are still swollen and ugly but they usually take about 6 weeks to heal – Its only been 1.5 weeks.

I contacted Centrelink today in hopes of a sickness benefit. I spoke briefly with a young guy who was very nice and I will be hearing back within 3 days. At least I will be able to afford some things for myself. I am lucky that dad can help with medical bills but I still have a house, a dog, a fiance and to as much as I’d hope so, a life to go on with.


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