Daddy’s little girl.

For the first time in weeks, I went to meditation this morning with mum and Jess for support. I really didn’t want to go and felt grumpy, unattractive and ill, yet I still went. I am glad I did because I felt better after my one on one healing session then enjoyed the rest of my day as much as I possibly could.

Dad came over to pick me up and take me to meet mum and Jess for lunch a bit later in Claremont. My dad is the biggest sweetheart. Seriously. I think anyone that knows him would also agree. Dad wants to send Adam and I on a little holiday after chemo/radiotherapy is over. I am thinking Japan – spending some time in the country side where I can surround myself in beautiful cherry blossoms and really pretty green land. I have been Japan obsessed since I was a young girl. It is so clean and the people are the politest and sweetest in the world. The food and fashion is to die for and of all places I think it would be perfect.

On our long walk back to the car, I told my dad that I didn’t feel too well and needed to rest. He held my hand the whole way through the street, in the shopping mall and helped me into the car. He is the best dad I could ever ask for.

On another note, I have been munching on frozen strawberries all afternoon. They numb and cool down my swollen sore mouth. My tongue is actually looking a little bit better from the thrush medication which is good. My skin has calmed down a little, but is still very sore and lumpy. I wore a bit of makeup today which I haven’t really been doing lately – because I couldn’t bare to look at my face anymore. Mum was really excited when she saw me at lunch because I looked so much better than I did earlier at meditation. Lucky I am a makeup artist and know the tricks of the trade!

I am thinking I might go out for an hour or so tonight. I think I deserve it. Now that my tummy cramps have settled and I can just come home when I know I need to lay down. We will see….

Daddy’s little girl.

2 thoughts on “Daddy’s little girl.

  1. Sandy Oates says:

    Hey Rachel,

    Just spent some time going through your entries – I think you should write a book. I think the accounts of your experiences and emotions are and would continue to be so helpful to others – both cancer sufferers and family and friends who want to support their loved ones who are on a similar journey.

    Man it sucks! Can’t belive just how much you and Adam have been through in such a short time. But a small consolation – you looked amazing today at lunch – so I can understand why your mum was so happy when she saw you looking so great.

    Yes – your dad is amazing and always has been. He is so committed to his beautiful girls. Equally amazing are your mum and Jess and of course Adam. Wow – you are surrounded by so many amazing people who love you so much. Even Brooklyn has been sick in sympathy!!!!! Can’t believe how much she has grown – SOOO CUTE!

    Just want you to know that we are thinking of you and we are sending all our love and positive energy your way. Oh yes – Ash is excited tht you love Boost as much as she does – she loves t so much she wants to get some part time work there as soon as she can.

    You are an amazing young lady – love to Adam



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