“Want you to make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world”…

So I was fiiiinally released today! I was told that I was the boss last night and if I felt any better sunday morning I could choose if I was ready to go home or not. I had a huuuuuge sleep last night along with lots of 2-3 hourish ones throughout saturday so I knew I’d have to be feeling a bit better today. The wards must be really soundproof because where I was staying was exactly across the road from the Subiaco Oval where Bon Jovi played last night and I was secretly a little bit devastated that I couldn’t hear anything.

Dad came to visit at 10am and I decided I was good enough to go home. So dad helped me lug my weeks worth of stay over gear to the car and I snuck inside the house and came upstairs to Adam. He was fast asleep and I held his hand gently and said ‘hi…’ He woke up in a flash and almost jumped out of his skin, but it wasn’t long till he was rolling around smiling and giggling saying ‘your hoooooome’. It was really, really cute and made me feel really happy to be home again!

I jumped into bed to lay with him for a while yet fell asleep. Even after a 12 hour nights sleep, we both slept till 1pm! When we got up, ofcourse a boost juice was in order to celebrate my home coming.

So I have not eaten anything for six days. But, I have put on three kilos of retention fluid from the antibiotics/laying in bed for six days. Apparently this will fall off me within a day or so.. but I would say I will be down at least 52kgs from the usual 54kgs for not eating. My appetite is screwed.

I have a couple more photos below of today’s hair loss. It seems to fall out more and more every day and my scalp is starting to sting. The hair doesn’t hurt to come out at all though. It slides out easier than I had imagined it would. Especially when I wash my hair. My hair lines and scalp partings are obvious for hair loss too now. They look pretty retarded. I am definately going to shave some off tomorrow with Adams help – probably kinda like a Rihanna style hair do where I can keep my fringe/top area, then on tuesday/wednesday I will get rid of it all.

BAAAD photo. Sorry for the blurriness.

After a terrible splitting headache and still a lot of exhaustion, this afternoon I managed to gain back a lot of energy. Maybe it was the energy & immunity boosters in my boost juice?!

I walked Brooklyn to the park one block away from our home, let her run loose for about ten minutes, then walked back. I also did some very minimal house cleaning. Then I cooked some chicken parmigiana for dinner. Adam was pretty impressed with my efforts! I am feeling great now (apart from a bit of exhaustion kicking in) and I hope I continue to for this week ahead of me so I can enjoy it before my next big hit on friday.

Adios Amigos.


“Want you to make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world”…

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