Living normality.

Today reached about 37 degrees. That is my kind of weather!

I had to have a blood test around lunch time – at least one hour before my Oncology appointment which was scheduled for this afternoon to have results back by then for discussion.

In the mean time, mum came by to pick Brooklyn up for a day out with her and Jess to help get her out for a bit without having to be outside in the heat all day. I’m hoping she comes back really tired and sleepy later!

Adam took me out on a little car adventure to Carousel where we had some sushi train lunch and Adam purchased some new Nikes for both me and himself. Best guy in the world.

On our way back towards the hospital for my appointment, Adam had a surprise stop off for me. All I really knew was that I had to make sure I had a good blood sugar level before we got there. This mean it was a naughty treat! Soon enough we arrived in Victoria Park at a shop called ‘Cups’. Its much like Pinkberry ( in the states. Frozen yogurt with many choices of either cut up fruit, chocolate, lollies, nuts etc. I hadn’t seen a place like this in Perth before – except Cold Rock which is way bad for me, so I was reaaaally excited!

My appointment with my oncologist was short but sweet. Chemo tomorrow is at 8am and probably for about 3 hours this time. Phew! I will also be going in on Saturday for an immunity booster shot to prevent another long hospital stay and all the bad things that were going on last week with my blood count and infections.

After tomorrows chemo, I will be approaching my third treatment… THIS MEANS I WILL BE NEARLY HALF WAY THROUGH CHEMO! Isn’t that crazy?! Then my fourth treatment falls on New Years Eve. Hows that for luck? Not that I really care. Its been months since I’ve gone out anyway and I’d rather be cancer-free. Deep inside I will be celebrating the hell out of 2010 being out of my life – thats for sure. Its been a really tough year and I can’t wait for it to be over.

Yesterday afternoon I saw Adam’s Naturopath. He was fantastic. He ran some little tests on me, zinc testing, iridology and some other stuff which all showed my immune system was definitely taking a big bashing. So I am now taking some special vitamins to help with that side of things.

I decided this evening that I am definitely going to make/decorate a gingerbread house for christmas. I am ordering a pre-baked one online as we speak. I will probably feel pretty miserable over christmas so at least I can do this and have a little bit of fun.

May I add I have got my appetite back and completely addicted to dry cereal again. Damn you Crunchy Nut Clusters!

Tomorrow will be attempt twenty at hat shopping. I have been putting it off for a bit too long and not looking properly when I am actually out. My hair will be blasted away after tomorrow’s treatment and I need some sun coverage!

Sorry this post is a bit all over the place with what I have to say but I am feeling a bit scatter-brained at the moment. Maybe its all the sugary cereal I have been eating whilst sitting and typing.


Living normality.

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