Chemo day #2

Last night I went out with Adam and Scott for a really nice dinner at The Buddah Bar in Subiaco. I love that place. So many cool buddah statues and dark blue and red lighting with candles. Very mystical! I wore my usual full face of make-up that I haven’t done in soooo long, and I felt really nice about myself. We had a good night and discussed NYE. The fact I have chemo on that day, we have some cool plans made to hire a limo and get me some backstage action then I can leave whenever I feel up to it in my liiiimo. I am so excited. I love my boys! 🙂

Today went really well.

My treatment only went for 3 hours which went quite fast, I didn’t feel too bad just a lil groggy at times but I had brought in a big bottle of Diet Dry Ginger Ale with me – Yes they only provide the regular one loaded with sugar… but in general this drink is great for nausea!

I was in really good form when I went to bed last night, woke up this morning and just all day. I held my head high and knew I could win it today.

I received my Cytotoxic IV drugs sprawled out in a hugeee lazy boy chair this time, it was so comfortable! Being in a bed the first time made me feel like a real sick person that had cancer. I am and I do have cancer, but I don’t like to expand on that issue. I’m stronger than that.

I had to start back on my 2 x daily doses of Dex last night which will end saturday evening. Its shot my my blood sugar reading through the ceiling as expected, but its good to think thats the only bad side effect I am experiencing at the moment.

I will have to take lots of anti-nausea over the next week and tomorrow morning I have to take my immunity booster injection which is going to help with not getting so ill again.

I am planning on going out for a little bit tonight actually. I feel okay at the moment. Maybe thats because I am out in the lovely heat sipping on a sneaky summer drink. Gin and mineral water – why not? I think I deserve a little beverage or two. I want to go out because I think this will be the last weekend I have hair. I may as well make the most of it! Only problem, I wanted to go with Jess or Emma, but they both can’t go out tonight. Boooooo!

So I look like a boy. Deal with it.

Oh yes, Brooklyn is home. Yay! She had a slumber party with M & J last night at their house so we could relax and get up for chemo really early with no hassles. I really missed her because when we got home from dinner we watched E.T and man, that lil guy looks sooooooo much like my dog. Cutest creature on earth!

Man I’d kill for a flying BMX!


Welcome home my little sweetheart ❤

Chemo day #2

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