Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes

Adding my bit. Check this site out, it explains a lot about how my life was growing up (aswell as my little sister Jessica and NOW as of 7 years, also my mum! – very rare..) through primary and high school. Things were also a lot stricter back then because there wasn’t as much research and technology out as there is these days. It was lots of stress on my mum and dad bringing up two very young girls who they weren’t in control of whilst at school to check up on and trust we were doing the right things and keeping track of our blood sugar levels between eating, stress, excursions, after school curriculum and phys-ED which I did a lot of before and after school.

Most people are aware of either Type 2 Diabetes, caused by bad lifestyles or the short term Type 3 Diabetes sometimes associated with pregnancy.  So this caught my eye finally reading something interesting about Type 1. I read this and my heart went out to the kids and parents because I know how stressful it is. I can’t imagine how hard it is in the USA with all the crazy eating habits and amounts of carbs, sugar and in general amazing sweet treats they live with.

Letter to Boards of Education.

It can be really hard being young and attending things like birthday parties where you are surrounded in cake and awesome lolly bags – which hey, its one of the main reasons kids get excited for friends birthday parties! It can be a bit depressing when your mum comes to pick you up and you are offered a lolly bag from the basket with a cool cartoon on the bag and you know you can’t have it, then soon after hear your mum whisper ‘thankyou. but no she can’t have one’.

Hang in there kids! You learn to live with it better as you grow up. x

Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes

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