Don’t speak.

I am a bit behind today, I am updating for yesterday – Wednesday 24th November.

Today yet again lots of bone pain, headaches and meeeega mouth swelling/teeth pain. I jumped on the scales today too and had dropped 5 kilos from bloating plus a bit of weight loss. I was pretty excited cos it meant I could indulge more in yummy foods and not worry too much about calories!

Rosa kindly popped around this morning for a nice herbal tea and brought along with her a little suitcase full of her fashion stuff. Many materials and a few mockups of turbans/scarf thingies she had whipped up quickly on the sewing machine. We had a bit of fun and cut some up for Brooklyn to wear. (Photo below!)

After some tasty Mcdonalds, I went to Hair Mart with Jess as she needed to get a couple of things before she leaves to go see Darnell in Poland next week. I will discuss this later as I am bitter over the fact she is going away over xmas. Anyway, I’ve had a Hair Mart card for about 10 years now its just a wholesale store for hairdressers, makeup artists, beauticians etc. Obviously I wasn’t going to purchase any hair goods! But I did get some paw balm for Brooklyn.. haha. As I approached the counter, the lady asked ‘Do you have your member card on you?’ I replied with yes whilst taking it out of my purse. As I looked at the card there was a photo ID on the front of it and I had my hair up in a nice thick high bun. The lady seemed a little bit snobby but I didn’t take much notice of it until she glanced at the card, then at me and said ‘Well, you have definitely got a new look going on haven’t you?.. I was in shock to be honest, I was thinking.. Do I say ‘well thats what cancer does’ or ‘yeah my hair is falling out’ or do I just bite my tongue and ignore it. At the time I thought, who cares, she doesn’t know I’ll just smile and agree. After leaving the store Jess was furious, she wanted to say something and was confused why I didn’t. This then made me angry and thought – she must of thought I had gender problems, or a lesbian with tattoos or teenage angst being rebellious. I had a baseball cap on and it was very obvious I had no hair. I guess its just a shame people don’t think before they speak but I can’t change the world.

We then went into a hairdresser and asked if it was possible for the closest shave possible because I still had some fuzzy bits happening that I was too scared to shave off myself incase of cutting my head open. The manager said she wouldn’t do a cut throat shave because its too sensitive and most probably could result in some cuts and rashes. Ouch! So she buzzed me down at no charge and said I’m welcome back for a complimentary shaves if it any comes back at all. What a nice lady!

Adam and I went out for a nice dinner at Sienna’s and I very unexpectidly ordered a huge pasta. I also finished this huge pasta, whilst enjoying a nice red¬†Cabernet Sauvignon. I was wearing a head scarf for the first time and felt a little bit self conscious but I got used to it and ended up not caring at all. I just had a good time with good company and amazing food.

Gross! I look like a stupid gummi bear.

Brooklyn supporting her mama!

Don’t speak.

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