Thursday, 25th November ’10

A long day for me today, but nothing better to start it off with than a boost juice with immunity and energizers.

We strolled around subi for a good 20 minutes as suggested by Adam’s chiropractor due to his back and shoulder problems. It was so warm out side but felt really nice just walking around getting a bit of exercise. I haven’t been doing any the past week or so and feel pretty sluggish.

I picked up my Medical Certificate from my Oncologist which I was due to submit to centerlink as soon as possible along with a couple of other forms. Adam and I have been going crazy getting forms completed and tax returns, 30 page private trust print out completed etc. I had a good chance of getting $400 + a fortnight including pharmaceutical pay seeing as I was unable to work. My medical certificate stated that I was unable to work more than 8 hours a week during chemo, and treatment finishes in October 2011. Thats a long time.. I felt pretty down about that seeing as I just spend the last three years studying really hard to finally sit myself in a good career I enjoy and make good money doing so. I’ve been wanting that so bad for years and its not on hold again. I thought I was old enough starting my Graphic Design course at 25 – which was a huge stress on myself and brain trying to get back into school mode. I feel like I will be starting my career at 30 as a work experience lady. I had to talk myself into thinking, well at least I am trying to source money my own way even if it is centerlink and that I’m doing the best I can.

Anyhow, as mum dropped me home I received a phonecall from the nice girl helping me out at centerlink to tell me that my partner earns to much for me to even start a claim. I think that is unfair – Adam is not my sugar daddy. He is also not muy husband and I do not expect him to pay for any of my crazy medical bills or to live. He is 25, has his own businesses and things to pay off let alone support someone with cancer. So a big up yours to centerlink! If you wanted to pull me up on anything it could of at least been the fact dad is helping with medical bills. So, back to square one. I had a sad cry after all my hard work whilst being so tired and Adam and dad have decided they are just going to try help me out together. I have two very great men in my life thats for sure.

Today I received a really sweet message from my friend Carly. I am going to pop it in here to be read because I think it was very sweet and just another way to show everyone how amazing and supportive my friends can be.

Hey sweetums!

So yesterday a lady came into the shop, and I was talking to her for a a lil bit and then she told me that she was a pediatric nurse, then we got to talking a little bit more and she said she is currently working in chemotherapy… I said I had a friend going through chemotherapy at the moment and it turns out that she has looked after you on the ward before… Once we realised that we both knew who you were we both got the craziest goosebumpy shivers and tears in our eyes… Then we spent the rest of the time talking about how amazing you and Adam are… So I just thought you might like to know that even the slightest interaction with you makes people realise what an absolute gem you are. I was in a good mood for the rest of the day after that cos it made me happy to know that people, no matter who they are, or how long they have known you…know just how special you are.

Hope I get to see your beautiful smiling face soon miss apples 🙂

Love Carly


This evening I got hit with a big wave of nausea, pain, exhaustion and signals of again, a sore throat and possibly the start of more oral thrush. At the time I was with Adam doing our grocery shopping. I was so devastated because I was doing so well coping with the nausea and bone/teeth pains but I guess its that time of the cycle. I had to open a drink whilst in the store and hydrate myself before I passed out. When we got home I went to bed and slept for a couple of hours before having a late 10pm dinner. Not ideal!

Today is now Friday and I woke up at 12:53pm. I must of been so exhausted as I haven’t slept in that long all week. I am a bit scared of whats ahead of me this weekend, but I am going to keep that positive thinking in mind and fight it as hard as I can 🙂

I may update again later……..

Have a nice day


Thursday, 25th November ’10

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