What a weekend!

I have been pretty lucky this weekend and actually had quite an eventful time. I think I deserved this after such a terrible friday of being sick.

Friday consisted of getting in and out out of bed constantly and running to the bathroom. I felt so unwell and anti-nausea was not helping. I also took a couple of Gastro-stop pills to help me. I also had to resort to rubbing my bum with nappy rash cream after crying on the toilet several times. I stayed in bed and slept a lot too and just knew my body would be a bit happier if I wasted the day resting.

Kindly enough, Jess came over in the evening with some gingerbread men her and mum had baked for me. They turned out pretty a bit dodgy but still delicious, here is the reject ones that they thought I would enjoy…

As Adam works for Dorcia or Control till wee hours in the morning on fridays, Jess stayed the night and we had a good time cooking some rosemary lamb and salad, drinking pepsi max, listening to Nicki Minaj and watching Hotrod with Brooklyn. I am lucky to have such a nice sister as a best friend to hang out with. I love her so much!

I went to bed about 2:30 and Adam came home not long after. He fell asleep long before I did and I started to get anxious because I had realised my sleeping patterns were starting to turn crappy. The last week I have had trouble falling asleep and waking up every hour or two and not being able to get back to sleep. I guess sleeping in the day time would cause this, but also the fact my body is relying so much on painkillers that when they wear off, I just need more. I only realised today (sunday) that this night/morning I became addicted to bidding on ebay on my Iphone, in bed. Shit.

Saturday I was feeling a lot better. Jess and I went to the city – just as we were leaving the house, I got a text message from muy friend Julia saying ‘Open your front door at 2.30pm!’ I wrote back saying expressing how sorry I was because we were just leaving the house and it was about 1:45 at the time.. I didn’t hear back from her and so I kind of forgot she had sent the text… Anyway, Jess also wore a head scarf to support me which I thought was really sweet. We got a lot of people looking at us and kinda smirking in a nice way – which was nice. I think it was very obvious I had no hair! It was a very nice afternoon and the weather here is amazing. I love the hot steamy heat of Perth. I wouldn’t change it for anything! We had my favorite lunch – Vietnamese rolls, lots of mineral water and did lots of walking around. I was exhausted by the time we got back to the car but I felt like I did need a good walk around.

When we got home, I had a lovely surprise from Miss Julia. She had some pretty pink and purple helium balloons with a note sent to my house! Here we go again with amazing people and sweet gestures 🙂 As we pulled up to the house in the car, the balloons had blown across from my front door to the corner of the laneway and a little girl (round about 5 years old) and her dad were coming down past the balloons.. I was in the car thinking ‘oh no, shes going to take them!’ I jumped out of the car and she was off her bike running to them and I had to tell her and her dad – ‘I’m sooo sorry but they are from my friend!’ The father looked at me as if I was the meanest bitch out and said ‘Well… your lucky because if it was 5 minutes later they would of been stolen.’.. Okay… So I understand the little girl would of been devastated, but the balloons clearly had a huge note written across the BIG pink metallic balloon in permanent marker. What kind of dad teaches their daughter to take things that aren’t theirs!? Pfft…

Not long after this incident, I jumped onto Skype with the lovely Kylie. We spent about 40 minutes or so chatting and catching up. She taught me a new and improved way of wearing bandanas/scarfs. They now look so much better! Best fashion advice I have had in a while – Thanks Ky! Louis and Kylie will be coming back from Melbourne for a visit just after xmas so I am looking forward to spending more time with her this time than the one day I spent with her when she was last over.

Yes, there is stillllll more.. Adam and I took Brooklyn to the dog beach (her first time!) and got to watch the sunset with the wonderful warm weather. It was so nice just feeling carefree and running around with my favorites of company. We got some nice snaps and a video of Boo Boo’s first beach trip so heres just a couple of snaps…

Yup, I was wearing a wig to the beach, of all places.. kinda strange huh?

Even after the beach we still had time and energy to go see our friends at ‘Bondi’. Brooklyn had a crazy puppy love play with Huxley (Chicko’s little Boston Terrier pup) for a while before it was way past dinner time and I felt a bit fait and lethargic… Helloooo double cheeseburger meal! For some reason Mcdonalds decided that giving me a triple cheeseburger instead was a better idea. But no. I stuck to my double and pulled out a meat pattie. Pretty glad that I did that to be honest. Three meats is craaazy!

Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh…. (Heaven noise)


What a weekend!

One thought on “What a weekend!

  1. Julia says:

    as you can probably tell. I’ve found a nice spot of time to sit down “with you” I’m glad you liked the balloons. I have fun getting them for you 🙂 Being ADHD i’m an awful sleeper. I can give you a cd that helps me big time, also try white noise like rain. it works well. I’ll burn the cd and put it in you letter box. xoxoxo
    It nice to hear u’ve had a boost of energy on this day too 🙂

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