Yesterday was actually was actually a continuation of my ‘What a weekend’ post but I became very sleepy yesterday evening and couldn’t be bothered posting again.

So… Sunday morning I woke up feeling fantastic! I got up reasonably early and cleaned the whole house, did four loads of washing and still had enough energy to go get a boost juice with Ad. We discovered a new favorite flavour which is less sweet than the ones I was getting before so I was pretty happy about that. I also reached my ‘buy 10 get one free’ on my members card so I might have to get another one tomorrow!

Whilst awaiting our delicious juices, the book store became handy again for a browse. Adam found a cool book called ‘The Bandana Book – 103 uses’ and bought it for me. 🙂 I then stumbled across a ‘Fortune Telling’ book. I had been meaning to actually go see a Psychic/tarot card reader just after I was diagnosed and this reminded me I had not done it yet. So why not read the book and give it a go myself. Plus, for $9.95 and some extra brain stimulation, how can you go wrong!?

We then cruised in the summer heat down to Cottesloe for a small bite to eat at ‘Vans’. We usually go there for special occasions but today was an exception.

I’ve been having some really bizarre, creepy dreams lately. So vivid and real. My sleeping patterns are a mess and these dreams are the kind I’d imagine a serial killer to have. Seriously. The imagination in this head of mine is amazing and I think it could create some really great movies or something.

I’ve also noticed in the last couple of days of feeling so good, that maybe these vitamins I am taking through my Naturopath are really working. I am so much more alert and energised. Maybe its a combination of the vitamins, the immunity, protein and energiser packs I get in my boost juices and the Neulasta® immunity booster injection. (prescribed to reduce the risk of infection (initially marked by fever) in patients with some tumors receiving strong chemotherapy that decreases the number of infection-fighting white blood cells). I am saying goodbye to being Febrile Neutrophilic for the rest of my chemo now. I ain’t going to go through that again!

Monday I had a follow up appointment with my Endocrinologist. We just discussed my diabetes control since chemo. How the steroids (Dexmethasone) raises my BSL for the 3-4 days I take it, insulin adjustments, regular hypoglycemic acts I have been having, nausea resulting on diabetes etc. I brought along with me my medical forms to be completed by my GP for my drivers license – the ones that a recent GP wouldn’t sign for me because I had ‘bad control’ pfft… doctors know nothing about diabetes. Its such a general known subject and no one understands how it all really works. I explained that whole situation with the endocrinologist and he just nodded and agreed with me as if he had heard it a million times. He allowed me to leave the forms with him to be signed and sent back to the licensing center. Thank god I will be able to actually obtain a license!

Lunch was spent with mum, dad, Jess and Adam. It was really nice. Dad is back from his short golf tour in Sydney so its always nice to see him when he returns.

Jess and I about to eat a delicious feast.

This afternoon I went to see my recommended breast reconstruction surgeon. What can I say…. He is UNREAL. He was very sympathetic, the veryyy opposite of pushy and in general a really sweet man. He said most of his patients are breast cancer patients so he is pretty experienced in working with mastectomies/lumpectomies.

I still want to have my second breast removed – as I stated from the very start of this whole cancer bullshit. Because I don’t think I would ever like to go through this journey again at any time in my life. Also because it will be a fresh canvas to start on for breast reconstruction and make them look as symmetrical as possible. He showed me some photos and I was blown away at what he can create from a flat chest scar. No one would be able to tell I once had no breasts. The scars are a bit gnarly but that shows my story and they do fade within a year. I am willing to sacrifice that for some pretty chest mounds. I will be seeing him again in mid Feb after chemo finishes (before radiotherapy) and will be able to look into surgery 3 months after radiotherapy. Even though I will still be receiving Herceptin through my port, the surgery can still go ahead.

I am so excited.. I cannot wait to tell Adam when he comes home. Such great news to tell the day before our seven year anniversary tomorrow!


One thought on “Sunday/Monday

  1. kerri rose says:

    I read your story and was truly amazed at your inner strengh and positivity. I, too have had the same numerous encounters by Ă–utdated DOCTORS, etc, and Hair Mart too!”, but this is NOT about me, it is about YOU. I will be posting to my facebook so that others are aware of this insidious disease and how it can affect YOUNG people and people with NO HISTORY in the family of breast cancer. I Know you will get through this with your determination and supportive family and friends. All my love to you Rach, u r gorgeous INSIDE and OUT. Love Kerri xo

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