Today I am going to blog about something interesting I noticed a couple of weeks ago that I haven’t actually sat down and discussed yet. I am no doctor by any means, but if I can pick up on little things like this, I think my doctor should have followed this up and ran some tests to see if this is linked to my cancer and maybe it could of been picked up earlier.

Early this year I went to see a GP for a blood test in regards to being really lethargic, not coping at work and thinking my iron levels were low. I have had anaemia a few times – no biggie. I only ever needed tablets not injections or anything so it was never very serious..

When my full blood count test results came back he called me back in to discuss my MCH levels which usually range from 27 – 32. Mine were at 34 so I definitely didn’t have low iron. This causes enlargement of the red blood cells (also known as Macrocytosis) it is usually due to something affecting the bone marrow. First, he asked me if I was an alcoholic or drank several times a week – I barely drink, even on weekends so that was a big no. My Thyroid levels were fine, so it wasn’t that. The only real explanation he had was Macrocytosis but he didn’t expand on too much because he then said I didn’t need to worry and it may be nothing or may have a link to something to do with diabetes and to take my results with me next time to my Endocrinologist.

He printed the results for me and attached a note for my Endocrinologist saying..

Dear Doctor,

Thanks for considering the recently noticed elevation in Rachel’s MCH. I would be grateful if you could advise whether this is due to Rachel’s diabetes or whether there are other causes that need to be considered. Could you please send me correspondence with your option?

I took this along with me on my next visit and spoke to a couple of people at the clinic about it and they all seemed very vague and to be honest didn’t care too much. So it was left up in the air and nothing more was ever said. They told me it was for my GP to discuss with me.

Anyway, along with all my researching over the past couple of months of dealing with cancer and learning all about it. SInce being diagnosed with breast cancer, full blood count blood tests are on the regular and discussions and close reviews are looked at when it comes to neutrophils, hemoglobin levels, bone marrow, kidneys, liver etc are heavily discussed. If these levels are affected too harshly I feel like maybe this was something that was the start of something and I am annoyed that no doctor bothered to follow it up.

A friend of mine was diagnosed with Microcytosis a couple of months ago and she had to have a full blood transfusion. Thats where the red blood cells are abnormally small and presence of severe anemia. She is also going to be having a full bone transfusion too (I think she still is, and having it done in Japan). In some cases, both blood disorders can be tested to rule out Leukemia. So you can see my stress here with how this is possibly something I would be a bit nervous about and will definitely be bringing it up again with my doctor/oncologist on my next visit.


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