Identity Crisis

Not that I mind walking around the streets with a bald head, but I have felt like a change of identity from time to time would be nice. I have my black wig and now a blonde one. I will be getting a natural brown one soon too. Why not I think? If I have the chance to be any hair colour I like, then I should make the most of it now without the worry of ruining my own real hair.

Its getting closer and closer to friday, the day Jess leaves for Poland and my 8am appointment for my 3rd treatment. Soon I will be half way through! Today I spent some time with Jess at Karrinyup looking around for xmas inspiration. I can’t afford much this year but I still want to try get a few little things for people close to me.

Adam and I met up with Bronwyn and Chris for some Japanese dinner then headed to Capitol to watch a couple of bands play. I haven’t watched bands play in a while so it was an interesting night ahead. Bronners and Chris just got back from living in Canada for a while so it was so good to catch up and see them! Tonight we are going to go bowling with them too. I may as well use my energy up on good stuff before I get hit with more poison tomorrow morning.

Lynz gets back to Perth in one week and I am dying to see her! I can imagine us spending days on end drinking diet post mix, snacking on nice salads and enjoying the sunshine. Great timing really – with Jess leaving this week because I don’t really see anyone these days. ❤

Identity Crisis

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