Chemo Cycle #3

I forgot to mention, my last appointment with my Oncologist – I did bring up the whole Medicinal Marijuana thing. I think she was shocked that I even asked but I didn’t care. I have a right to ask what I want and didn’t know much about it. She said ‘What do you need that for?’ and I said ‘Well I have trouble eating and the nausea and pain is horrible and thats what its for so I thought I’d ask..’ She answered with ‘I don’t think you really need that. You are coping very well and I am happy with the way you are handling things.’ Oh well – you can only ask! I could always ask my GP.

So I publicly posted a new ‘facebook profile photo’ of me with no hair. I think thats a pretty big step going that public. But I have been ready to show the world for a while and thought why not. I have nothing to be embarressed or ashamed about. My friend Josh messaged me saying that he was going to shave his head and not let it grow back till my hair started to grow back. I think thats pretty amazing. I haven’t expected anyone to shave their hair off for me in regards to the cancer cause. I still don’t. But the fact he just did it I think is really nice! Adam and Scott both said they would do it, and have both gone shorter since . I have fantastic friends. ❤


This is Josh, he originally had quite a long fringe happening before his shave!

SO!…..I am pretty much half way through! 3 treatmenrs down, 3 to go. Now I just have to try get through this cycle and see what side effects are on the cards for this time. I had great support with Adam, mum AND dad sitting in with me at 8am for chemo which went till 1pm as it was really busy in the IV suite yesterday. There was so many people sitting there with either their picc lines out or IV ports being pumped with Cytotoxic drugs. Its a long time to sit down and make time fly. I think all four of us were glad we had Iphones..

So I’ve had the terrible first one where I was hospitalized then the second one that was milder due to my immunity booster injection. I had another one of these prescribed to me for this round which I injected this morning into my tummy. It was horrible and the liquid was icey cold so I could feel it going deeply into my body. Ew.

It is crazy to believe that the year is coming to an end and my next treatment will be NYE. Then I will only have two left before Radiotherapy. I am killing it and know I will pull through with flying colours and back on track in no time!

I had a nice dinner with mum (lunch as well actually! with dad too) and she then dropped me into the city to where Adam was working/djing. I spent the whole night hanging out with Casey all night. We had a really good time, she’s pretty amazing and we have planned to go walk around Lake Monger on some days coming up soon. I am really keen to have an afternoon walking pal which will be so close to home.

I had a good sleep in today as we got home just after 3am. I was pretty knackered this morning and slept till 12:30pm, then lapped on the couch till 4.15pm when it was time to get up and go to my personal training session at the gym.

I did some boxing, leg work, chin ups, push ups, ab work, a bit of treadmill and also learnt some new back stretches as I have been having bad backpains. Woah. I am so proud of myself! I pushed myself but not as hard as it sounded, I am reasonably still pretty fit so I am glad I haven’t lost too much strength. Apparently the lady who teaches Yoga classes just recovered from breast cancer, so my trainer is going to talk to her about me and I am going to finally do some Yoga which I’ve been meaning to start for a while now. I am really excited to be able to get back into things a bit and have lots of support at my gym from all the great staff.

Chemo Cycle #3

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