A little angel

Still terribly exahausted and sick since my last update. I feel like I am fading away to nothing. Food is still going through me just a bit slower than it was earlier this week and no food means no energy, so this makes my exhaustion even worse. I LOVE FOOD! 😦

My mouth is starting to get sore again, I have the strong symptoms of my tongue feeling really burnt again and tasting like hot metal. If I am right, I think I will be getting body aches and mouth pain within the next few days too. There is a bit of pattern that I am noticing between treatments now.

I have had quite a few people telling me recently that they have stumbled across my blog. Either through a friend of mine that reads it, or just found it through my Facebook page. I am so happy to hear that people are enjoying it. Most people being touched and inspired by it and or passing it onto other women who are/have been affected by breast cancer. I never would of expected to hear such great things about my writing, especially people spilling tears for me! I am so thankful.

Speaking of viewers.. One young lady in particular. Scott was telling me wednesday night that a couple of girls he knew came across my blog and felt pretty moved by it. I have never met these girls so I was amazed to hear that even people that don’t know me, are thinking about me!

One of these girls, Gemma, got in contact with Adam and popped past our house last night with a beautiful bunch of flowers, a present and a really beautifully written card. How amazing is that? There really are angels out there, people who are willing to show their love and caring thoughts even though we had never met before. I feel teary even writing this because I can’t believe someone out there was so touched by my story. I think I may have been home when she came past, so I wished she rang the doorbell so I could put a face to the lovely gifts when I got them.

Woops, hopefully that note on the bag to Adam is unreadable to you. I have bad eyes and no glasses on so I cannot read it myself!

Seriously, what a Gem. (note the pun?)

A little angel

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