Party time

This weekend was massive.

Lynz arrived on friday evening and we went out with Emma and Lynz’s sister Kel. We had a good night and stayed out for a decent amount of time which I was almost concerned about because I knew I had so many other things happening over saturday and sunday, and thought I might burn out before it got that far.

Saturday morning Lynz and I went and got Boost Juice and McDonalds. Yay! I felt a little bit tired but not enough to need to rest. We also bought some gingerbread men and decorated them, it was fun!

Scott, Adam and I had reserved tickets to go see Jay Z play at Subiaco Oval at about 6:30 so I decided to go to the gym with Adam (after tossing up whether it was a good idea or not) for an hour. Forgetting we were going to be walking to the concert and home, I was starting to feel a bit exhausted after walking there. I was lucky that we had got seated tickets so it wasn’t as bad as having to be standing in a huge croud of 50,000 or so people. We had a great time end ended up walking to Santa Fe for some mexican food after, before we walked home. Plans were for us to go out again being 11pm but we decided it was a big enough day and we still needed some energy for tomorrows boat party!

Sunday came soon enough and we had a good crew out on a yacht with a BBQ. I was a bit nervous when I got on the boat because I had felt really nauseas when I woke up and taken all kinds of medications to try cover up how I felt because I really wanted to go. I was even scared when we took off as it was pretty windy and overcast and the boat was kinda rocky. I had obviously taken the right meds though because I actually had three drinks and got quite drunk and felt great! Everyone had lots of fun and got pretty drunk and we ended up staying out till about 10:30pm. I had the best weekend in so long! (Thanks to John for these photos from sunday).

In the meantime, side effects are starting to build up. My newest addition to the list is nerve pain in my hands, pins and needles and swelling. My nail beds are still very tender too. Another new-ish thing going on is parts of my body feeling like they are badly bruised. Lower and upper rib cage on my back at the moment have these symptoms. There is nothing visible, it may even just be bone pains.

My hair on my head has started to grow back a bit – as it does between treatments, but then it will all come out again by the end of this week. I never mentioned this before, but since chemo started I have constantly had a twitching left eye. This is usually related to being tired or stressed so I’d say its either one of those. Its very annoying and I feel like everyone can notice it twitching and I look like a psychopath. (I’m sure they probably can’t even notice..)

Today is day 10 of cycle 3 so this means I need to be extra careful again and stay away from ill people. So if you are sick… please stay away from me because I don’t want to spend christmas or new years in hospital!

Party time

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