Welcome 2011 and a happy new year to everyone.

I don’t have any resolutions or anything like that, I never do. I just hope that this year brings me some good health, good news and good times. There is not much more I could really ask for, 2010 has been terrible for me and many others close to me so lets get those positive vibes out and see what we can make of this new year.

My 2010 new years eve was a little bit of a flop but at least I tried.

A group of us got VIP and went to Origin. The best spot to be really. Full buffet, free alcohol, free soda, backstage.. the usual. Even drivers to drive us around. This was the plan for NYE as I was safe and could easily bail home at any time with one of the drivers provided for the event. We arrived at about 9.30pm or so and I didn’t last too long. Around 11:15pm I felt really overwhelmed and chemo effects started to kick in. I was so emotional and started to cry. Adam and Lynz organised the driver and we were soon taken on the 30 min trip home.

Adam and I had our own little countdown when we got home and fell asleep watching The Office. I suppose I was still kind of proud to have made it out on NYE after a big day of IV toxic drugs being pushed into my body.

Origin, Adam & I

Origin, Adam, Lynz & I

Nothing really can beat being at home in air conditioning, eating garlic bread and being with my favorite boy.


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