Fri, Sat, Sun….

My heart is content due to the results of my heart scan on friday.

Denise my radiologist did the usual and inserted the cannula tube, injected the dye and tin and 30 mins later I was laying down ready for my scan. She turned on some music – as she always does when I come in because I requested it the first time I ever had my scan to relax. She did some extra images of my heart than they normally would to make sure everything was completely covered. The doctor came in and had a chat to me saying that everything came back okay and similar to the last scans results. He said that the reason I had been having the shortness of breathe, palpitations, breathing difficulties would just be in relation to the chemotherapy and the way my body is unfortunately coping with stress. I feel really sorry for my heart and I hope the side effects settle down soon. You can imagine the amount of relief my family and I felt after this news. No one wants a sad heart.

Saturday was a good day. I woke up feeling a lot better, I think part of it knowing I was going to be okay helped. Three of our friends from Melbourne had arrived on friday night and were staying till monday, so Adam and I spent most of the weekend with them. I had such a great weekend, we had a BBQ at our house on saturday evening for the first time in a year (since we moved in) and then head out into town afterwards. The weather was really hot and humid and I got tired pretty fast once we were out but I was glad to be the driver and left when I couldn’t handle it anymore.

Sunday we chilled. Went to the gym for the first time again in about…. 3 weeks?! I did a lot of cardio work and felt amazing afterwards for being able to finally get back into exercising even though it was 37 degrees! We headed down to mums apartment with Brooklyn to take to the beach and watch the sunset and then finished the night by heading into Fremantle to meet Kasie and Andre for frozen yoghurt. Agh! It was amazing.

RIght now, its excruiciatingly humid. Its 7:15pm and I am covered in a thick coat of sweat. Sorry for the boring post today and I promise to make it a bit more exciting later this week.

P.s. Jess is coming home on friday. I cannot believe it! I can’t waaaaaaaait to have my lil sis back!

Fri, Sat, Sun….

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