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So today I have spent in our home studio. Adam has been busy working and updating his amazing photography website (www.adamborrello.com) whilst I have been sending work emails, processing random bills, referencing some images to get started on more illustrations and also researching how to publish a book. I have read up on that a few times over the past few months and found some good information, but if there is anyone out there with some additional information or ideas for me to get onto a publisher please contact me…

I made a bit of a boo boo and realised that my appointment for my genetic testing is not tomorrow. Its actually Wednesday 9th Feb. Don’t ask me how I even got this mixed up.. I feel so silly for misreading it. Ha ha. Oh well, that gives me more time to fill out the blanks next to certain family members on dad’s side which I need to work out before I attend my appointment.

I have been thinking a lot about traveling over the past few days, its actually driving me insane… I am constantly going through photos of USA/Japan from the past couple of years and feel like banging my head against the wall knowing I can’t go for a while. I need to be in and amongst some unrecognizable places and breathing new air in a new city. Tonight I am going to spend some time looking at flights and costs and see where I end up.

The past few weeks have involved a lot of Skype to Jess. She has been busy in Poland with Darnell. If I had not mentioned before, he was drafted to Poland from the USA for basketball. Jess has been lucky and enjoyed attending his training and games whilst visiting. Its pretty fun talking to her on there. Skype in general I don’t really use much, the same with telephone calls. Its all a bit too virtually real for me. But for long distance chatting I’d have to say its a pretty good invention.

Adam, Jess & I

I got a couple of new wigs on the weekend, ones auburn and the other is more of a cherry red colour. The red one needs to be re-styled a bit by an expert so I will only post a photo of the auburn one. Its so good being able to change my look so often seeing as I used to do it to my own hair so much, its good to know I can’t ruin my hair this way.

This afternoon I received a lovely package from my friend Pia. THANKS PIA!!!!! She wrote me a long beautiful letter about how her nonna was diagnosed with bowel cancer  just before christmas and that she has had breast cancer twice before that. Her nonna is a bit of a pessimist and didn’t react very well even though her granddaughter was there for her all the time. This made me feel really sad, its not easy to be positive when you have a long depressing road ahead of you that stops you from living your life. By reading my blog and seeing a positive approach to the disease it has helped her understand from a different point of view and that the most effective way to help her get better is be there physically AND emotionally. That is so true, I have got this far with my support by just knowing how much people care and just the smallest thing can put a smile on my face. At the end of the letter, she added in that another close family member to her had also unfortunately been diagnosed last week with breast cancer. Pia has written her a letter also and referred her to my blog. I wish her the best and really hope she gets some good stuff out of it and takes on a similar path to me full of positivity, strength and courage.

In the package, was also an amazing PA (Peter Alexander) t-shirt for sleepy, sick lazy days. Ahhhhh! I love PA so much and feel very lucky to receive some more exciting mail! I also love how in her letter she referred to Adam and I as ‘an amazing superhero duo taking on the world together’. Woah. It made me feel really confident and proud as I am sure it will for Adam too. (I just passed it over to him to read..)

I totally appreciate the packaging of this t-shirt…

I hope you can see this okay, its a baby pink t-shirt with a love heart pocket embroided with ‘peter alexander’ amazing!

I spent a bit of time looking through my blog today, just clicking on the ‘random post’ link several times and reading a few older entries. Its crazy to read it and remember all the things I have been through. Some of them I had even forgot! A photo came up from after my IV port was surgically put in and I was amazed to see how much thicker my eyebrows were back then. 😦 I am lucky to have not lost them all together, yet it was weird realising how much they had thinned out. I miss my eyebrows (and most of the lashes) that have fallen out and I hope they recover nicely when Chemo stops… On another note, I am not looking forward to the return of underarm hair, pubic hair and the hair on my arms and legs. Its been a fantastic summer of not having to wax or shave and I think I will miss that!

Its been years now since I have put off being tattooed due to my parents opinions on that whole saga. I promised my dad about 4 years ago I wouldn’t get any more until the day he died but I feel like I own my body even more than I ever have now, and I want to continue where I left off. I never got what I wanted to because of mum and dad and to an extent, I will keep that promise.. I have a few ideas of things I would like to get done when I am finished treatment so I hope they can understand that.

Thats all from me today, I am all typed out.. May I add, this is my 100th post!

Peace. \/

Hook me up!

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